D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!

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Don't just reply, go and "like" the first post. Highly rate post they will read.
12/18/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Lylirra
Thanks for passing these on!

About time. We've been asking for this type of interface (with named public games and expanded social features) since the Wings of Liberty beta.

WTB the old Blizzard back, all the new Blizzard does is cut features and sit on their hands.
please do this devs... please...
Wont happen.

False hopes for a fail game
That's why i quitted this game. Beause of support like this one, no feedback response even on PTR - amazing! I will not spend any broken cent/eurocent on expansion untill they will fix this game. I'd compare you to PoE team but there is no scale to do that...
I dun get why it was "fixed" maybe dude was saying devs should get on it?
The premise is a good one. Some advise and pointers:

The heirarchy in some of the versions is completely all over the place.

Too cluttered, some of them have no breathing room.

Last, way too many iterations of similar versions. I'd recommend coming up with 3 different takes, I understand that the tools and graphics that can be used are limited. In other words: 3 versions with 3 stages each, for example one of the stages could show the screen with closed tabs and another stage could be with open tabs. This would give blizz a clear sense of space and user interaction with the page.

Also what may not be taken into account with the current page compared to the D2 page is that the current one is a lot easier to look at. Some of the versions that I saw seemed way too complex and heavy. It literally hurt my eyes. Also the loading time and bandwidth.

That being said if any of you think that the designers at blizz have not thought of making it similar to D2 then you clearly do not understand the design process. It takes a long time and not just 5-10 versions of similar iterations but over 100 versions that are all very different.

However, I am very happy to see that there is an interest in the design aspect among Diablo fans. Id be curious to see what other people come up with. Say a redesign of the character tab or skills tab, etc. I am sure blizz would love to see that happen.

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