Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)

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@Aeternam, the OP.

Offense: 8.5/10.
Nice work on exceeding the 100k dps mark. You love Bash. Great damage, great sustain for WWnado as well as maintaining Wrath on single targets. However, that Strongarm bracer could be upgraded to a Lacuni's. You already have godly 500 resistances, so a dps lacuni's (i.e. no resists) would do wonders for your profile dps, and your actual ww nado breakpoint progression. Also, as I've recommended for the other barbs in your thread, by going Lacuni's, you no longer need that movement speed bonus on your boots. Therefore, you can get a great deal on high strength Ice Climbers-without-movement-bonus. Besides the bracer, your mainhand is the next most efficient upgrade. I would go Echo. That fear proc isn't too bad (and I have a feeling for PVP, people will actually want the highest 21% fear proc!).
Also, nice job on stacking average damage on ring and amulet. That's a nice amulet btw, if it had attack speed, would be GG.

Defense: 9.5/10.
Superb resists, don't need anymore. Maybe get some more HP. Upgrade your gems, more damage and more armor as we all know. I don't like those IK boots. They don't have max strength and you don't really need the 3pc IK set bonus. Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Ice Climbers.

Build: 10/10.
Classic build. Although here's a suggestion for minor tweakage.
I have a feeling that you use Bash Instigation to minimize the number of Bashes before starting the WWnado engine. If that playstyle is true, then that IK belt's 13% bonus to Bash is wasted. To really make the most of Bash, I would recommend Punish. It'll make Single Target Fights more efficient while also synergizing with your WWnado aoe field control. And, that punish will synergy well with your 13% bash bonus from belt.
You can even possibly perma-Wrath against single targets if you just use Bash and spam BattleRage and Sprint (which don't interrupt attack animations ftw).

Badass: 8.5/10.
Could you some more work. Impressive Paragon level and elite kills.
Great thread OP.

EDIT: Are you perhaps going for the knockback from Strongarm's bracer?
Bash comes with knockback, which turns off some barbs. I dunno, in case you are, there are a ton of other "chance-to-..." affixes on armor slots that might work well with that idea of stacking "chance-to" gear.
12/19/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Castablanca
Why not replace Furious Charge with Rend?

I did consider that but with my abysmal DPS the Life Steal requires me to do damage! And Furious Charge - Dreadnought or Overpower - Revel are % Maximum Life healers, not based on the actual damage you do, and with 182k HP, it's a lot!
12/19/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Iria
I did consider that but with my abysmal DPS the Life Steal requires me to do damage! And Furious Charge - Dreadnought or Overpower - Revel are % Maximum Life healers, not based on the actual damage you do, and with 182k HP, it's a lot!

Good point. Then, excellent choice my friend.
Another question:
How do you maintain aggro if there's a swarm of baddies?

Offense 9/10

Excellent, will definitely kill things very quickly. Monster attack speed, perfect for WW.

Defense 7/10

Very good, could use some more AR. Then again you're probably killing things quickly enough that it's not a problem.

Build 10/10

Excellent. WW for packs and spammable WT for single targets and elites.

Badass 8.5/10

Gets the job done quickly and efficiently. You must be a farming machine.
Good point. Then, excellent choice my friend.
Another question:
How do you maintain aggro if there's a swarm of baddies?

By alternating Wrenching Smash and Threatening Shout (which Taunts). It's not perfect but it does keep monsters from doing other stuff most of the time.

BTW: It is Celanian's turn to be critiqued.

Offence 8.0
I think you can drop the shield unless you insist on sticking with it. Nice crit, need more crit dmg, which you are losing up to 200% with an offhand. With rend, you may not even need the ik belt and can switch up to witching.

8.0, nothing special; especially with the shield. Can improve Hp.

Build 9.0
What can i say, cookie cutter rend build

Badass 6.0
In this patch, no point using shield it slows you down. I was going to give you 5.0 for badass rating but since shield users are so rare you get +1
really nice barb leolaw sick gear
@Castablanca AKA Critiquer Extraordinaire

Thanks for the in-depth critique and in general your contribution to the thread. Wanted to ask you for a critique earlier, but felt guilty since I've already been critiqued. Would be nice to add you even though I'm not on as often as I would like to.

So me being in love with Bash? Not so much - it's more of a necessity for the build I felt. I miss Frenzy Smite/Maniac TBH. The IK belt with increased Bash damage was just a nice coincidence since I received the belt as a nice little gift from a friend who found it. So I just tried Punish and I think I see what you mean. Instigation still feels more "safe", but sometimes safe isn't exactly more fun (something I realized when I switched from Ignorance is Bliss to Killing Spree). I think I'll use it from now on if it doesn't get me killed, but may switch back to Instigation down the road.

Regarding my gear, I know I need a better main hand, but I love the 45% mf buff I get from my Sun Keeper. I'll probably switch it out as I approach my max mf with higher paragon levels. Legit Lacuni's are something I am looking forward to being able to afford. Rock Climbers would be nice to have as well. Currently extremely low on gold (selling on AH seems to be pointless for 99.9% of the gear I actually do decide to pick up) and I also refuse to use the RAH.

Which gear would you recommend I switch out in order? I was thinking I need more IAS so a better ring or Lacuni's would be first?

Also, totally don't care about the knockback affix. In fact, I probably rather not have it!

12/19/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Talic
really nice barb leolaw sick gear


2) NO QUICK COMMENTS OR RATINGS (There are plenty of threads like these already here)

3) USE TEMPLATE (see below)

Use this as a template:

Offense: #/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)

Defense: #/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)

Build: #/10 (this is regarding the skills build)

Badass: #/10 (self explanatory)

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)

Think Leolaw82 deserves an actual critique.
Not a pro barb (still adjusting from a wiz) but ill give this a try:

@ Leolaw82

Offense: 9/10 - Good dps, good attack speed, and good crit chance.

Defense: 8/10 - All resists can be a bit higher but I guess it's alright since your Vit is so high? Armor could go a bit higher as well. Life leech is fine with that DPS.

Build: 9/10 - Pretty straight-forward. Im not too sure how long Berserker Rage stays up since your always wanting to spend Fury to keep Wrath up.

Badass: 9/10 - Barb is pretty badass haha
kudos to castablanca

awesome barb

but i like him more playing his dh. the man has skills :)
@ Dumax

Offense: 8/10 Looks like you've got no problem with killing speed with 170k DPS. Functionally I doubt you need any more, but killing faster is always better of course. 10/10 would have been for those 350k+ freaks.

Defense: 7/10 A bit low on resists, but I doubt it hurts you at all.

Build: 9/10 I found the Hardened Wrath choice a bit odd. You might have been able to find a better rune or even skill for that slot.

Badass: 8/10 I have a soft spot for the 2h build and a Skorn looks nice in a barb's hands. HotA is much more badass than WW spec.

Critique: This looks like a fun barb to play. I wouldn't mind building up like this myself. You've certainly got some pieces that could use improvement: those Inna's would be better with STR on them, the bracers need more CC and AR, you could get a lot more CD and STR those gloves, and you should keep trying on the hellfire rings (with MF on it, yours would look nice on a follower).

(Edit: my own barb is garbage, pretty much all found on the ground by my wizard. I'm considering gearing him up for a change of pace, suggestions on priority purchases appreciated)

Offense: 7/10 Crit Dmg is killing you. Replace your axe with something with socket and 60+ crit dmg already, so you can get into a 150 range per weapon. You should target 300+ crit dmg. I dont know that I would go with those rings over straight STR CD CC AS

Defense: 7/10 Good AR, HP is a little lower than I would recommend for a Barb. For 3-5mil you can upgrade shoulders to somethign with 150+ Vit which would let you change to Rubys on pants or just boost HP

Build: 9/10 I play all same skills except one passive and ive considered switching to it...

Badass: 7/10 Gotta get damage up to be a threat at higher MPs and a carrier on ubers

Critique: Just gotta work on getting dmg up without too much sacrafice. Rings seem like good place to start, shoulders for more Vit and then replacing some sockets, imo.

Offense: # 6/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)
Using 2h Skorn, the main emphasis is speed atk/crit which you balance out. Need around 45% cc, slow speed of atk resulting in starvation of fury.

Defense: # 7/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)
Sufficient HP, AR, low side on armor and dodge.

Build: #6 /10 (this is regarding the skills build)
Firstly, 2h skorn are famous for using Rend for survivability. After new patch, warcry does not work much efficent. Rend or OPCA will be more valueable compare to warcry(unless team game uber)

Badass: #5/10 (self explanatory)
You are on the right direction quite balance, you already know what you need and i believe once you have the budget. You will be able to dish out a kickass barb

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)
Try to stack some dex, int. Dodge is a huge saver in higher difficulties.

Offense: # 7/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)
I feel like overall your gear is better than average but just teetering on the edge of being really good. Amulet for example, you are missing quite a bit of the avaliable CD there. Not a bad amulet but nice place to grab more. Weapons are ok but could be loads better. Bring that CD up a bit. Those gems, well they need to be upgraded...badly

Defense: # 8/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)
Borderline on HP. Good enough but upgrade some gems and squeeze in a little more HP where you can. AR is ok. Lifesteal is non-exitent. Get at least 1 weapon with some sustainablity on it.

Build: #8 /10 (this is regarding the skills build)
Straight up build, if it works it works.

Badass: #8/10 (self explanatory)
Good score here since I can see you are trying to keep it as balanced as you can. gets tough but you look to know how just need to get there now.

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)
Need more life coming back to you, just not enough to make you comfortable. Gems, Gems, Gems. you are losing a lot there. Boost that Crit damage up a bit. With your crit rate it is that benefitial, especially if your critting all the time.
@ Techjunkie

Offense: 9/10 Very good Atk Speed, Crit Chance is good, Crit Dmg not that good on Weps but you got alot on other pieces for example Gloves, so even that is at a good mark. Good Strength, yea i mean ~230k dps says the most good job there.

Defense: 8/10 Good armor, tbh you got it on some pieces. Life is ok but nothing special, but with that Dps and ~6% LL you should not run into trouble because of life even if you have o Life on Hit. Your All Res could be higher of course but you miss it on the items which give you alot of DPS so I´m not sure if i would change it yet.

Build: 9/10 not much to say about, good chosen WW Build, which also fits your Gear Well because of good Atk Speed

Badass: 8/10 You definetely know for what pieces you have to go, keep upgrading. i really love your IK Gloves they are badass

Critique: Keep upgrading, seems you know they path already. Í´d prefer you to get a even slower Weapon in the mainhand with about the same stats and a bit more avg dmg (search for around 830-860ish), try to get some vit on it to hit the 50k life mark aswell. With you DPS Lifesteal is good for survivability no life on hit is ok, i don´t know for PvP though)
I think its a really well build barb where you can only make little adjustments. Maybe some Life % on Shoulder or Amulet could be a option aswell. As said you are missing Allres on pieces that give you alot of DPS so not sure, you´ll lose alot of DPS if you change that. If you feel fine with your Barb at MP7-MP10 with that Allres keep going, Armor should also make a bit up for it.

Now HF with my go for PvP Barb, actually EU hope thats ok

Offense: 10/10
Very nice offense. Great attack speed for those breakpoints. Nothing seems to be out of place. With progression just get higher stats on the gear u currently run.

Defense: 7/10
Your EHP needs to be bumped up. More armor and strength and deffinately more HP. With paragon levels you should get a big boost. Just try to maintain or increase defensive stats when looking for gear while increasing dps as well.

Build 10/10
With your gear setup you should be able to run any common barbarian build or with little changes. Great build.

Badass 9/10
By level 100 you should be wrecking face with your current build. Will be 10/10 with upgraded gear at level 100 I assume.

Critique: just farm those paragon levels and only upgrade gear without skimping on ehp and your golden. You will soon be one of the top barbs if u stay on track.
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