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To start this off, I just want to say hello from EU - may the light follow and guide you in the very dark and corrupted heavens nowadays, that is - if you go there!
This thread is made to share some ideas and thoughts about A4 and what could possibly be changed there.

I really like this act, the atmosphere, the monsters - the art of the monster(s) design is really beautiful and some of the most well created in this game. I also find some of these e-packs give me the biggest challenge as a monk and makes perfect use of alot of my abilities, dashing strike, cyclone strike or SSS etc.
To make it more appealing I would suggest to add a higher spawn chance of elite packs in corridors. Or gurantee of spawn (elite/chest) and then not have gardens tier lvl 2 spawn these levels every time. This would make much greater appeal to enter these cool levels.

My E-pack statistics in A4 "corridors":
(number of runs)/E(elite)/R(replendish chest):

Blessed chancel: This always spawns elite
Sacelleum of virtue:8/E6/R1
Radient chapel:5/E2/R2
Holy Sanctum:5/E0/R1

Runs so far. If you want to participate in the testing of "special" levels you can type your results in your post with same formula as above. I will make excel document when I have around 1000 of each to get a really good sample.
The testing is at the moment made at MP3. I dont think Monster power makes a difference here.


Another suggestion:
This is general for all the "unique" monsters except keywarden (the ones with purple text) - since some of them are really Rare and hard to come by, I think they should pose a real challenge when you find it. What I mean by this is like a "mini boss".
They should blow your mind away!!! :D
Lets take this "Malferas The Abhorrent", he is the unique version of Morlu incinerator. Instead of spawning just 1 meteor he could be making 5, A fullscreen armageddon - that would be cool!
I dont have ideas/mathematical knowledge to compile anything greater on this matter, but maybe you guys know how to! :)
There is much unused potential in act 4, i wish they would improve it :(

There should be a lot more spawns to make it one of the better areas in the game to farm, if you ask me.

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