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not sure if i should be posting this here, i bought a digital copy and it was suspended because the payment didnt go through, so for whatever reason i got the bright idea to try again (this isnt my usual account as the one i had was from a dif country than the card i was using) and it wasnt denied but is still suspended, i have submitted a ticket, i have since bought the game at a store instead of blizzards online store, and have requested that the payment (and active game of course which is still suspended) be cancelled, however ive had no response since the 22nd, what should i do? also customer support hotline is now down
Your post is rather confusing because it has no punctuation in it. From what I can tell, you tried buying the game online and the payment did not go through. You tried the payment again and it went through but that account is still suspended. You also went and bought a new copy in the store and started a new account. You now want to cancel the first digital transaction/get it refunded.

As long as you have a ticket in the system they will get it taken care of. If not, you can resubmit a more clearly written ticket which will enable them to better assist you. You can always try calling again when they are open tomorrow, but they have limited phone support these days.
sorry for the confusion, and close
the payment didnt go through its been stuck at pending since friday, really need to get the money back
and i had to start this account because my account was canadian and i moved to the states, and my card is american and wouldnt let me pay, the copy i bought is put on my actual account not this one

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