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I'll share my experience with lag.

I thought for a long time it was my PC. I even swapped components and such. Then I realized most of my problems were when my stepdaughter was home. She was using torrent and skyping and just abusing our internet connection.

She's since moved out and I rarely get lag. When I do get lag I check my internet speed and it's slow. I think Comcast is throttling me now because of overuse, but I've yet to contact them because it's pretty good now with the kid gone. Also, I'm not talking about latency (milliseconds), I'm talking about download speed, so you can have a green bar and still have crappy internet speeds.

D3 seems incredibly sensitive to internet performance, much more so than any other game I've played. They really should fix it. This game isn't that complex or graphics intensive that it should require that much bandwidth.
12/26/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Lestat
No lag here, ever. Pennsylvania.

same. as with 90% of all player issues, its likely on the player's end. if you were in the middle of, like, greenland, it might be Blizzard's fault, but more than likely Diablo is just a much more taxing game than the others that you play.

12/26/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Merlin
This game isn't that complex or graphics intensive that it should require that much bandwidth.

the thing is, theres a lot more going on behind the scenes that require a connection. monster generation, for example.
When I start a game, I sit in town for the first 10 minutes because it's so laggy. If I try to fight anything, I die.

I live in FL.

Quadcore, 8GB of ram, ~2.5mbps in uTorrent, D3 settings at minimum, nothing running in background, not sharing a connection.

I even redownloaded D3 last night at ~2mbps, but when I loaded a game, it !@#$ the bed.

Guess I should just go upgrade my computer though, right?
Same issue since patch 1.06...asked the question but no response. FIBER Internet is fine, ping is fine, trace route is obviously fine...I'm sure the fan boys on here will claim I'm just qq'ing so I don't bother anymore...
I live in uruguay(!@#$ internet country that is veryyyyy far from usa servers), no fiber internet, 400kb(0.4 mb) download speed, and i dont have lagg issues, now im having a internet problem that occured of a problem in a storm but i have the game from weeks and runs extremly good, no lag, everything i do displays correctly in screen with absolutly no delay and i can play fine, dont know the problem with you guys.
The fact that you are lagging playing on "low settings" says it all, might be time to upgrade champ, either your comp or your moms internet speed

I play on all settings set to as high as they can go on both my laptop and desktop and I have no issues. I also always have a movie or show playing on my second monitor as well.
once again i tried to play some diablo today but the game was soooo laggy that i couldnt tell if i was hitting the enemy or if they were hitting me until the game server finally caught up with its crap self only to realize im dead before the game even comes back . i can run around and use skills but does nothing because wel its lagging beyond belief. before your STUPID 1.0.6a patch the game was completly fine with no lag what so ever. if they had the starter version and it wouldnt upgrade properly you should have told those Flippin MORONS TO HAVE BOUGHT THE GAME NOT GET A TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will continue to feed this thread until i get some REAL answers and to those of you that are having these issues i encourage you to do the same

call your ISP
12/26/2012 10:09 AMPosted by OldSchool
Don't blame Blizzard for your lag issues. Turn down your settings or upgrade your computer...

May want to fix your definition of "lag". Framerate does not mean lag, unless your talking about how much time it takes for frames to hit your screen (which, nobody does; don't even pretend you were :p)
Turn off your torrent program and stop downloading any more !@#$.
12/26/2012 11:54 AMPosted by VinnyI82
Anyone living on the east coast gets screwed, plain and simple. I lag like no ones business and I live in MA. Constant 150 ping.

lol! 150ping, i can only dream of that, try living in australia ;p
I started getting bombarded with constant lag in Diablo 3 only, as well. As of a little over a week ago, my game freezes often. The game freezes for 15 seconds to several minutes, but I'm able to run around in the game still, kind of like Diablo 2's black wall problem. I'm not having any issues in any other game, and I haven't lagged like this in Diablo 3 ever before.

It's not my computer, and it's not my internet. Trace route shows that it's a problem with one of the routers on the way to the Diablo 3 server, one or two hops after it reaches the ATT servers.
Not had any issues since the game was released .

Now however the last 2 days have been unplayable , gogo single player lag . UK here btw .

Been on numerous online games inbetween trying to play single player D3 , emphasis on the single player . Yet have no issues at all , even in mmo's with hundreds of people around .

So yeah , D3 is borked .
also if my connection is bad and my computer is out of date as some of u say. then why is it that i can play rift on ultimate with very minimal and i mean almost none at all during raids and events.

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