Why are min. requirements not posted on box?

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Why are the minimum PC requirements not posted on the outside of the box? I bought the game for my daughter and only supported OS were listed on the box. The minimum requirements are larger than she has so now we have a game that will not download because her system does not meet the minimums. Where can i send this for a full refund??
Unless you purchased the game directly from Blizzard, you will need to take the game and receipt back to the store you bought it from. Whether or not you can get a refund will be dependent on that store's policy.

The other thing you could consider is upgrading the PC your daughter is using. It may be as simple as a new graphics card. We also find people posting with errors who only needed to run Windows Update and get the latest service pack.
None of the stores , that I am aware of, will accept software returns. Her laptop runs a 2.4 ghz intel but the minimum on the manual shows it needs to be 2.8. A few lines of system requirements would save a lot of issues -- assuming they can get all the other problematic points ironed out, which by the threads here seem to be enormous.

And your solution of upgrading the PC is very humorous. Next time I get a flat tire, I should buy a new car?
You can try a bit of tweaking on her computer. A 2.4 Ghz can easily overclock to 2.8Ghz.

Be sure to have some temp monitoring software to make sure your particular laptop can handle tweaking as some cannot.
2.4ghz computers can run this game, i have been using a core 2 duo e4600 to play since the game was launched. you can check what is wrong with the computer going to http://www.canirunit.com

remember these days newer processors with slower speeds can run faster than older processors with higher speeds

a simple example pentium 4 3.2ghz with ht will be slower than a core 2 duo with 2.0ghz with dual core

The minimum system requirements are indeed on the box. All of our games come with them on the box. Check the bottom end tab please.

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