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I am hoping that someone can answer this from Blizzard. When I sell an item, I do NOT get the cash, it just says processing. I then get the cash a day later. It started with Tomes, then Gems, and now even with regular rare items. WTF????? This is very frustrating as in purchasing and selling on the AH, you rely on the sales to be able to make the purchases. a lot of times when the item is processed, the item that I want to purchase is expired. My question is why are the sales not processed immediately? I can understand the RMAH, but the regular AH, come on!
What region are you in? I've never experienced stuff like this on the gold auction house, but I've heard of that stuff happening on the EU auction house. That's some weird stuff!
I am in the American Region. It mostly happens to Gems and Tomes as I try to auction them off when I get enough of them. That was almost acceptable, but now it is happening to items that I am selling in the gold AH as well. This is VERY frustrating :(!

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