80 mil for upgrade. Want to help?

I have 80 mil currently for upgrade and I would like for you all to assist me in the process so I make some good decisions.

Take a look at my profile and tell me what you think is most important to be upgraded!

Thoughts so far:

I am thinking about getting different Inna's pants with VIT and also a witching hour. I know I will need LS on one of my weapons. I need a new weapon for sure. Suggestions?
you are spending money on fairly average gears. I promise you, one day, when you look at your gears, you gonna regret why you spent so much money on these average rolled gears.
my suggestion. never buy trash. save your 80mil and when you have hundreds of mil, that's the time to buy upgrades. only buy the best ones.
I appreciate the feedback! If I were to use it what would you suggest?
take a look at your IK chest. i donno how much you have spent on it. to me, its absolutely terrible. with 80mil you can probably get something little better. even then its still terrible chest piece.
one day, when you get one chest like mine, I promise you you will never think about replace it with better ones because there is no better ones.
If I were you, I start with the chest. 39 vit on a chest, especially the immortal king chest, it's just beyond pathetic.
sacrifice some attack speed for crit chance. Maybe on ur rings?I think you could get a nice Mainand for 40-50 mil consisting of a socket and 50-60+ crit damage with base dps over 1100. Or some higher str iceclimbers with a bit of vit (maybe 40-70 vit which will boost ur vitality by 2-3k. I dont know much about soj so i wont go there. An IK helm such as mine could benefit you alot since it has crit chance and vitality. I also dont know much about HotA build so u may take my advice or leave it ;)
I really think those inna's are gimping your setup. Innas seem like a piece that you get after you've got a lot of gear, but not so much while gearing up.

Looking at your gear, your crit chance is kind of low. Your HP is okay, but then you've got VIT gems everywhere and VIT all over your jewelry... mostly because you have 40 vit on your chest and none on your pants, and those are the two biggest slots for VIT.

Even so, your ice climbers aren't really much to write home about. Those are probably 2-3m on the AH. Honestly, I'd say ditch the IK chest for blackthornes or a rare (this probably won't cost too much). That'd give you some more HP so you can either ditch some of the vit gems or get more dps on your rings. If you replaced your pants with a rare (check mine out, 70 str 180 vit 70 AR 2 sockets for a few mil, you can probably find something similar) and got some IK boots you'd keep your 3pc IK, pick up a LOT of HP and be able to change your jewelry out for more dps.
My approach is: never get an item that you need to replace 2 others with to cover missing stats. After mid level, every single item has to bring significant improvement else I wait & save till enuz gold.

Violentine is right, high end gears are easily > 100 mil, typically even 200 - 500 mi, even billions. Until you accept this fact, all you will be doing is playing/mixing around without any noticeable difference in kill speed, tanking, resist & mobility.
Relooked at your gears, plenty of room or improvements. Add me in game, sniperwong#6502, I have plenty of solid gears to boost your Barb, for dps, defense & HP & mobility.
Ditch the Inna's pants, get a rare pants or Blackthorne's like mine. You are just not ready for Inna's.

Ditch that EF, you need at least a socket or critical damage + some STR.

Farm hellfire ring until you get some atk speed/cri chance/crit damage.

You could get better amulet - crit damage can go up to 100, crit chance up to 10 + average damage.

Hook me in game for some personal touch
Very useful feedback guys. I'm sorry I forgot to say that I am typically a WW build, but I show HoTA in my profile because I was doing ubers.

I do have a 4.0 CC% hellfire and a 44% CD hellfire, but I am experimenting with SoJ (not sure what your thoughts are about this).

I will add you two in game. Any other suggestions are appreciated!
i also think you need to take your time and buy better items one at a time. took me a while to learn that lesson :(
Agree with comments on vit distribution.

WRT your ias, you are using 5 slots just to hit 2.5aps fully buffed. Direct result of buying the wrong kind of EF. Always look for .24aps+ EF. You can hit 2.5 with yours in 4 slots but it requires 9/9/9/8. The less slots you use for ias and the less you need perfect ias rolls, the cheaper gear will cost and the more crit damage you can stack in its place.
what do you think i should upgrade next? i am recovering from the same type of problem of 1 small upgrade over the other. i am not as bad off as the OP but i am far from perfect.
You need some stats on that ammy. Also %damage dealt is decreased on inferno, so weapons with flat life gained would be better. Your rare ring could also be stronger for not a lot of money.

Do you think I should upgrade my ring to 9% and then I can dump my IK gloves and get some trifectas with maybe all res?

What would you suggest as far as pants? Rares with all res/str/vit, or BT which would have no all res.
Whatever you decide, pants need more vit. Innas or rares. Problem with innas or BT is the AR. You have to have it somewhere and I'd rrather have it on pants over jewelry/gloves. Your Ice climbers arent that great either so your use of innas isn't that efficient.

I used rare pants and MS boots until just recently when i could afford to go big vit innas and big stat IC.

olord, i just looked at the rest of your gear. you only have 22cc on gear...trying to squeeze in an soj with such little cc is counter productive. your set is borderline broken. Easy fixes would be to ditch the soj for more cc/cd.

if i have more time later today, I can sit down and really see what can be replaced without tossing the entire set.
What do you think about upgrading to VIT inna's and getting AR on IK gloves? I can then get higher STR ice climbers.
Still torn between different combos of gloves/pants/boots. The way I see it, I have a few options. I have upgraded my belt and chest.

1. Rare pants w/AR/Trifecta gloves/IK boots
2. VIT Inna's/Trifecta gloves with AR/Better STR Ice climbers
3. Rare pants w/AR/Trifecta gloves/Better STR Ice climbers

55mil left so I would like to still upgrade at least one of my weapons. Suggestions?
None of this addresses your 22cc. Priority #1 IMO.
You were talking about the other guy. Mine is 42 lol. I went ahead and bought rare pants. I have 44mil left and I need to buy new gloves to meet 9/9/9/8.

How much gold should I put into these? What should I upgrade next?

I don't know if you could see my updates but I have a new chest and belt.

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