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I haven't played Diablo III since around the paragon patch and I see since then absolutely NOTHING has changed.
Just put Dave Brevik back behind the wheel, afterall he created Diablo.

Problem solved.
"F*** that loser"™
Thank you for voicing my opinion, as you hit the nail on the head!
What is sad, is that "something" is happening at Blizzard.

The pulling of all those initial features, and now the "unspoken" reasoning behind pulling PvP Team Deathmatch.

It feels like the dev team is a single horse, in a group of horses that is trying to run too fast, so it gets "reined in."

I love the changes that have been made to D3, and I now don't feel as much nerdrage over how the game currently performs.

But since was down last night I started up TL2, and was reminded of just how much more stuff is in TL2, and how wonderfully intricate the skill system is in TL2, when compared to D3.

I don't care about the lineage of either the D3, nor the TL2 dev teams. D3 is a Blizzard product, and contrary to opinion, I don't expect or want "perfection!"

I want open trials of features, and iteration, and communication with Devs, via these very forums. The Blizzard I knew, had no problems with "trying" something, and seeing how the community felt about it.
- neref IAS just so they could re-buff it with the legendary buff. (0.25 aps on EF or high aps on chentodos wand or IAS on lacuni, pants and other items that before we didn't had). that was plain stupid.
- removed slot skill.
- removed many skills from the followers!
- we could socket items in the past - now if ur item/weap doesn't have socket its simply crap.
- fps problems when u play first time - use some animation skill and u notice huge fps drop, they know this problem yet its still a problem

d3 could have been one of the biggest games for the next few years, yet as we see the community left the game just after few months. d3 still have amazing potential to become an amazing game.
Very good post by the OP.


All I see is from OP is:

WAAAHHHHHH, I don't have the game exactly how I want it! WAAAHHHHHH
inb4 cms delete thread.
I have to say you guys wanted a list of why we think of what diablo is needing improvement.. The first thing you do is come in and get upset because you don't like the truth..

Just an idea..

They released this game in such a garbage state and neglect it so much because they plan on selling an expansion that will fix at least some of it. No point in fixing it for free.

They know they can do it and they will. Its Blizzard. They could literally sell a game called "**** In a Box" because they have enough people who blindly buy everything they make.
One item missing from your list is that during beta, the skill UI was much better looking and easier to use. When the current UI and the idea of having to opt into "elective mode" were implemented, the forums almost universally rejected them.

The new features were supposedly added to avoid overwhelming new players, but I always held that they actually make skill choices more confusing and create the potential for horrible builds (Toad of Hugeness as a Primary, for example). I recall explaining repeatedly to friends of mine who were disappointed in the skills that they would remain confused until they turned on elective mode.

I remember at least three petition threads that maxed out in length asking for the old skill UI back. These threads were shocking to me because they maintained an impeccable level of civility in requesting the old UI back. All three were deleted by Blizzard without comment.
Speaking of Beta I think the companion pets could of helped with the gold radius pickup issue.

I know that radius was still in as well but.. Having the snake go get things while your attacking was nice..

Could of branched off a little deeper and give them ability to earn or improve to increase distance or etc..
They killed Cain
Diablo's a chick
friends hav quit

Fairy Queen?
Jay Wilson did it...
Get the rope!
Disappointed != angry.

Anger on these forums are from people who fail to control their emotions, children, if you will.

I'm hardly angry, though are thoroughly disappointed in the game as a whole. This is probably the most disappointed I've been in a game.
Wow highly rated.

And you wonder why anyone calls this generation the entitlement generation.

I've only ever heard people on the internet talking about video games actually say that. I'm pretty sure voicing an opinion about a video game isn't being entitled, especially in a venue designed by the developers of that game for that purpose. I'm also going to guess that you're not old enough to have any real perspective on any generation. And even if you are, people who complain about entire generations of people are stupid and imagine themselves to be from a nonexistent golden age, ethically and intellectually superior to anyone younger than them. Shut up already, unless you have something substantive to say.
Just put Dave Brevik back behind the wheel, afterall he created Diablo.

Problem solved.


This is what Id do to Jay if we crossed paths:
Wow highly rated.

And you wonder why anyone calls this generation the entitlement generation.

Pretty sure you cant be "entitled" to something you have paid money for (in the pejorative way you mean, at least, as there's no a priori reason to believe one entitled to something shouldnt have justified anger at not receiving it. Legally to be entitled to something implies ownership, ie property is being withheld or deprived).

In the classic political argument wielded by the forces of ignorance on the political right, "entitlement generation" is used to describe the working people of the United States who paid into a social insurance system their whole lives and expect to be able to retire with their families before they die (hopefully after they're 65).

The politically ignorant right wing of the country would like to use that money, paid into in good faith, to fund expensive international policies they dont want to pay for with taxes.

The kicker is, they're just stupid - taking SS and Medicare and Medicaid to pay for warmongering and the continued entrenchment of the police state is still a form of tax.

Many alt accounts? Why on earth would anyone want many alt accounts besides for the use of botting.... Hope they track your ip and ban all your accounts.

Cool speculation. Since we are speculating, I think your account is a bot account, and you are trying to get the OP banned to rid competition for your sales.

Hope they track your ip and ban all your accounts.
Bad speculation nub, only have 1 account, I've got 1500 hours on this account, and nearly 4k in achievements, and little gold farmed.... You guessed wrong haha. Btw don't even play anymore cuz the game sucks, so fail more.

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