Free Uber Kills (MP10)

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plz run me; add me
I am wrking on gettnig my last key for a set of 3 portals, would ne1 be able to UBER me with my portals? I am curious is it possible to run 2 people because my brother would like one too, or would he need to get his own set and do a seperate game.
We can carry 2 people, not a problem.
online now
Online if anyone needs a carrie

Hey guys, please add me up

im just looking out there to have a fun game :)

I can tank for you with my monk and barb :)

also online if anyone needs a carry (InsuranceGuy#1986)
Thanks MUCH InsuranceGuy!
I only have one machine. I'm working on getting more, but if there's any other people out there that want to pony up machines and go on a carry, I'd appreciate it.

I'm online right now at Slade#1528.

I'd like to get my hellfire ring too.
Hi i have machines, anyone able to carry me to my first hellfire ring ?

Hi, I got 3 machines and me and my friend both need 1-2 people that can do mp10, add me.


Three machines, ready to go. Currently around 92K dps, so not completely helpless, but definitely need the help of the big guns around here to do MP10 runs. My appreciation is, of course, guaranteed.
hi i also got 3 machines still need a carry maybe a double one. Thanks "monk" com...
I also have time now, so if there are two good souls to carry me and on4xi5 for two rings, i would be glad
Here's my situation. I have myself and a friend that are both gathering mats for 3 machines each. I can farm comfortably in MP4-5 and survive MP6. Obviously would want to do ubers MP10 for guaranteed drop.

I'd like to get into a carry WITH him, that way we have a total of 6 machines to use and are able to get mats for 2 hellfire rings each. Are there people able/willing to do this, or do you need 3 others to be able to do the carry?

online. can carry AnHiLaToR#1467
Add me if you want. I have machines, would like help gettin first hellfire ring. ShakeZoola#1520
Most of us can carry 2 other guys per run, just ask the guy who is doing the carry that you have a friend who wants to either piggyback off your machines and/or wants to do more than one run.
online, carring


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