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to gain my very 1st hellfire ring i have no idea how to really get one of these just had a friend tell me that i needed one so if you could and are willing to help me please add me SATIVADOGG#1497 thanks and send a message also please thanks :)
To get a hellfire you need a few things,

Recipe for jeweler for actual ring --> 2 mil gold and you buy it from squirt in Act2
Recipe for Hellfire ring --> get 5 stacks of valor then go to the silver spire lvl 1 in act 4. There will be a purple unique there that drops the recipe for the infernal machines

Infernal Machine parts
3 keys. 1 key will be in each act and can be found from the key warden of the act. be sure to have 5 stacks of NV first.
Act 1 --> check the fields of misery
Act 2--> check the dalghur oasis
Act 3--> check the stone fort
to craft the machine itself, you need 12k

Hellfire ring:
Go to act 1. there is a door behind the healer. Break it then go inside. open the infernal machines there

Important notes.
recipe items and keys will only drop if you have 5 nv stacks.
each mp level adds 10% to your chance to get a key or item. That means on MP 1, 10% chance, MP2, 20% chance etc
People usually open 3 portals at a time because the portal opened is always random.
A lot of Aussies used to do carries for MP8-10 for Hellfire ring parts.You will need 3 machines first and I'm not sure if anyone is still doing it...

For anything i might have missed or gotten wrong, check here to be sure http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7597724
okay thanks for the help so far i have one IM just need another 2 :)

Unless someone wants to help me get my hellfire ring ?
Hey Sativa, it's not very effective to do Ubers on your own - you'll use 3 machines at a low MP unless you're godly geared. I would recommend trying it with a friend or solo (if you are comfortable burning 3 IMs at low MP) first so you get a feel for how the Uber bosses are different to their normal versions.

Then you need to find a party where everyone contributes 1 machine each. I can't see your WD in your profile so I don't know at what MP you would play, but if you can do MP9 elite mobs then you can definitely do MP8 Ubers with this bunch: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393179520.

Alternatively, if you have 3 machines and want a guaranteed ring then 7SINS are easily the best crew going around: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435284. You bring 3 machines, they supply 3 Uber destroying toons and they will carry you at MP9 or MP10 (depending who they have online). I recommend using them for MP10 only because there is still always the chance on MP9 that an organ won't drop. That simple.

Good luck.
okay thanks for the help but i can only do MP 5 my WD aint that good i just dont get how people can level up so fast i have only managed to go up 1 level since you posted :(
I can help u on higher mp if u want but don't play that much. I can run with u whenever I can.
Add me noahdragon#6955
Thanks Noahdragon have added you :)
Hey dude - if you are still hunting, or just want to farm add me up. I'm on most nights for several hours...
I have added you also thanks Azza2k :)
i currently have 3 of each key and will be going for the plans in about a day or 2, might wanna farm up a little till then as my money has plummeted after a couple new buys lol.

folks are welcome to try ubers with me if they want but i can at best do mp5 and with alot going on i tend to lag a bit both in ping and fps. I can run teh game fine solo but i have discovered that with a cm wiz, things get busy very quickly and my computer decides to give me the finger. So invite is open message me if you want

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