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Demon Hunter
I have just over 4 mil saved, which is the most I have ever had. I am not up to date on what items are good out there and I am unwilling to use the rmah. Can I get some advice on how you would spend the gold I have and frankly, what I should be doing to advance in general? I can put in about 3-6 hours per week. I typically adventure with friends rather than alone.

Why are so many Demon Hunters no longer using Sharpshooter?

Is there a resource that references the items that are generally good for a Demon Hunter?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
use sharpshooter at the start but you can get to where you wont need it.

the build I run seems to work good overall but for speed you can go other routes.

With 4 mil saved try to watch auctions and bid on items and save some vs paying buyout.

Try to maintain good dex, good vitality, and aim for 275-350 resist all with about 35-40k life and close to 3.5-4k armor. Other than taht get as much dex as you can and aim for a balance of critical chance, critical damage, and attack speed bonus.

Its costly to buy items with two of those and good dex/vit etc so you can space them around.

Try to get a good 1H bow with critical damage on it and a socket (you can use a calculator to punch in a few options see which raises damage the most). You probably will spend more here than anywhere else, but 500k vs a 1mil bow wont be a HUGE difference in dps FYI so always try to tweek the stats down a tiny bit and see where the bubble bursts and items start to get cheaper. Bidding will work great so you can snipe some good auctions. Set bonuses can be cheap if you buy bad versions of nat's stuff (the cloak is always dirt cheap without vitality or resist all).

You should be able to get to 180-200 critical damage, 28-30 critical chance, and 1.5-1.75 attacks per second along with the other stats above (including the archery passive not including sharpshooter)

people still stuff for VERY cheap if they are just missing one stat like vitality etc so you can take that as an advantage and try to spread around the points to maintain good enough values.
link us your profile.... can't recommend too much without seeing where you are at currently.
most the low end is so cheap these days.

Around patch 1.05 I was starting to upgrade my DH - Bought a lot of low end gear for an average of 3-7m per piece ••• Most of it today will sell in the AH for under 1m per. I was looking at selling my depth diggers this morning that I knew I paid like 7m for. Similar ones were listed for 500-900k

I would say spend most your cash on a halfway decent bow.

Buy a couple low end nats piece
nats chest (can be had for under 300k)
nats boots

If there is anything left over -- check out items like mempo of twilight, Dead mans legacy ... and then find their rare equivalents. I have seen some really nice quivers that would rival a DML selling for under 1m because nobody is really shopping for them.
12/18/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Nivek
I have seen some really nice quivers that would rival a DML selling for under 1m because nobody is really shopping for them.

So true - I have a kick-!@# rare quiver I can't even sell for 100K even though it's better then alot of DML's that are selling for like 1 mil. Same or better stats, 10% of the price, and no bites.

I refuse to sell it for less since I think it's worth at least 500K I just can't sell it for that much. A shame.
if this guy ever comes back to this thread maybe he will want to buy my 90 dex nats boots and maybe my depth diggers real cheap. I was just looking to sell them last night and those boots aren't worth anything anymore. Bundle that quiver in there and we have half a respectable DH lol.
It's a buyers market. Look for great deals, they're everywhere but be patient.
Snipe super cheap 1d 12h decent gears. Also snipe no-buyout / no-current bid gear near the end of the auction. You can get a decent mp3 inferno kit for 4 mil (minus weapon. that'll cost a few mil for anything halfway decent.)

Advice from Specter is sound.

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