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I'm getting Error 3 after putting in my Code...can't login.

Whatever you do, do NOT remove the Authenticator! (At least not until ruling out malware)

1. If you have the mobile application you can try re-synching it. If you have a keychain you would have to put in a ticket.

2. There is malware going around right now that will block the Autenticator code from sending and generate a fake error message. It tries to trick you into removing the Auth and then you get compromised.

The safest first step with any login issue right now is to do the following:

1. Download and install the free version of Malwarebytes
2. Ensure you have a decent and up to date virus scanner (Microsoft Security Essentials (XP/Vista) or Microsoft Defender are free and often recommended.
3. Ensure both programs have up to date definitions
4. Boot the PC into safe mode
5. Load the game and type gibberish into the login fields. (some malware only activates at that time)
6. Run a FULL scan using Malwarebytes (not the quick scan)
6b. Go have some eggnog while the scan runs. It will be a while.
7. When done, run a FULL scan using MSE or another good virus scanner.
7b. Have some more eggnog

This hurts nothing, and is a great troubleshooting step. The last thing you would want is a compromised game account due to malware if you take your Auth off.

If the PC is clean and you still can't resolve the Auth issue, then you can submit a ticket to have it removed (and then get a new one and put it on).
Thanks...looks like re-syncing the authencator worked.

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