Win 1m&UNID Legendary - Calling EXP Farmers!!

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Okay, so who wants to take part in a little competition?

Whoever can get the Longest Kill Streak will win 1m and a UNID Legendary. Edit: Longest Kill Streak meaning most monsters killed, not most Exp Gained :)


  • Screenshot Necessary
  • Must Be Soloing
  • Its only 1m and a probably worthless UNID, so for the sake of us all enjoying this competition, please be honest and courteous to everyone on thread :D thanks and good luck!

    Winner will be announced and rewarded after the weekend :) There are also 2nd and 3rd place UNID Legendary Prizes!!

    Current Leader: Krali, Wizard, A3 Streak of 314.
    Strap up your 25% MS Gear, Use something that is AoE & DoT, Find a Fleeting Shrine, and get a crazy Kill Streak!
    Looks like you're going to win.
    I use wormhole no MS needed. Although i accidently have 12MS on nats boots
    1st boss act 4 mp9+... low dam high LOH weapon..... /yawn

    blizzard is a good skill for that. Though I remember a challenge like this on reddit where ppl went a lot higher let's see what will come up !
    aph, i think krali already has a4 boss beat.
    Second submission: 314 (personal record this time ^^)
    Blizz mp2 i want a cm to beat me mp6+ wind up and all.

    303 massacre taken about a month ago :)
    V1, Krali has got you beaten :0!

    300+ Streaks, Crazy people.
    Edit: NM, I feel like that boss was changed at some point. He used to spawn a lot more minions.
    Yeh i think keeps and the Arreat Crater are probably the best place to look for crazy long streaks. Maybe Vault of the Assassin too. I cant touch these 300+ Streaks though =_=
    Any other takers? Competition ends in a few days

    Not sure, maybe this would be considered cheating... DH, so I let the monsters come to me rather than chase them all around - my best is 959 at MP5, this pic is about half that and only MP3... Have the movie for proof though! And on the plus side, found a legendary while hunting... ;-)
    Just curios how I did... Looks like aceD hasn't checked this thread for a couple of days, maybe?!?! Was interested in knowing if the Forsaken Grounds (I think it was called) counted for the contest or not?!?! I know that my 959 wasn't in the Grounds, but in a similar situation with four nests and I had a chance to hide behind some trees that I could shoot through but the bats had to go around to get to me! Would have broken 1000 that time, but I lagged out... :-(

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