Need some gearing advice from the pros

Hey peeps!

Need some gearing advice for my wiz! My goal is to be able to farm MP1 with perm Archon up.

I have a couple of misc items on one of my wizards, but not sure if they're suitable or not. Please take a look at let me know if anything I'm currently wearing is worth keeping. If not please let me know what I should be looking at for each slot.

I have roughly 100m to spend, I hope its enough to reach my goal.

Would appreciate any feedback/advice!
Thank you wizard gods~

u can most def make an archon setup with 100mil in gold
u wanna focus on crit chance and crit dmg on ur rings, ammy and gloves
ull need some ar cause of reflect dmg
ull want crit chance on ur helm, and bracers
ull want 24 movespeed
skorn is the cheap way to go, but a black weapon and triumvirate is the better way to go

oh i am not an archon pro but do know ull probably need life steal unless u have lots of defensive stats
If I were you I'd shoot for 100k dps as a rough goal to roll over mp1 as archon.

-skorn with life steal preferred I'd budget 20-30% on this.

-Zuni chest and Zuni boots.

- inna pants with armor or some INT

- vile wards

- Andy's visage with AR/socket/extra int and with low fire damage.

- high cd/cc/int on all jewellery

- gloves should have same as jewelry but add attack speed

- all items should try to put some all resistance if you can afford

That should be enough for 100k dps
Cheers guys, was wondering where I was going to get the LS from, but skorn seems the cheap way to go for now.

If i go black dmg weap + trim, where else can I get life steal from?
Black weapon with LS.

Search for LS, socket and crit damage.

INT weapons are worthless on AH nowadays so prices are cheap. I wouldnt be surprised of you find a 950 butcher sickle with INT socket crit and life steal for 30-35m.

Otherwise you could always just use blood magic rune on magic weapon.
butcher sickle

pass the word
Went with skorn for now.

Cheers for the help Boozor, currently sitting on 135k dps unbuffed w/o follower :D

Health is a little low, 19k... but everything melts before it gets to me anyway.
I went from Skorn to Butchers/Triumvirate, not going to be using a Skorn again.

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