On a quest to reach 100k damage!

What can I do with my gear to get me up to 100k damage. I've only got a 30 mil budget. I'd like a touch more attack speed somewhere, and I know I need crit damage in my main hand. Any suggestions. If you see that the EF is in my off hand it should be the other way around and I just haven't switched it back.
A IK chest, IK belt with high str/resist would boost your damage up. upgrade those gems as well. Get a higher dps main hand (axe/mace) with higher crit damage/str/socket. If you got the budget, get a lacuni with attack speed/crit chance with decent str or AR. See how that works out.
Your MH is what is killing your dps. Also try to add some average to your rings

I am on the same mission so close I can taste it!
Your Echo has no crit damage/socket. Now you have 2 option - either change your Echo with crit damage/socket or change your MH altogether with LS/OS/STR/Crit Damage.

That alone should bump your DPS over 100k
So I should get a new Echo with out the attack speed on it and instead crit damage and socket??
I think I can maybe afford to drop the vit on both the rings for more desirable dps stats as well. Just a thought.
I can't afford to get an echo with OS/Crit Dmg and at least 150 str on it. So I'm gonna grab one with out a socket but close to 80 crit hit dmg. It at least provides me with a decent damage boost, without having to spend hundreds of millions.
Well I upgraded my rings and my EF and am now at over 100k dps! My vit did take a bit of a hit though but I think I'll be able to manage.

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