Did diablo 2 have dungeons?

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I have played All the diablo series 1 through to 3.

Personally i believe there was improvement in each one, each time which is what we should expect.

Diablo - limited items everyone had the same gear, great storyline.
Diablo 2 and expansions - brought random dundgeons , better graphics , more items , different characters. PVP (didnt play this too much)
Diablo 3 - brought better graphics, good story line. different characters again.

Its good everyone has there opinions as we are all entitled to them as we all play for different reasons. Honestly i have spent more hours in diablo3 than any other diablo based game. I played till level 79 in diablo 2.

Personally i feel the community is hard on the developers. Yes some content we had in diablo 2 is not there, some may never come , so like PVP will be here eventually.

I loved the charms and rune words. The diamond gems and all the little things that are missing. But i am enjoying diablo 3 and have found ways to enjoy it apart from the farming XP , gold and items. I do farm at times.

But for me chasing achievements, playing all the classes and playing hardcore has been very enjoyable. I believe awesome value for the 100+ i dropped on the collectors edition.

Be aware that the game is evolving. The developers have implemeted fixes. changes based on community feedback. Realise that not eveyone has the same views so some will be disappointed.

I tried to play diablo 2 the other day honestly i could not go back. I dont know how long i can continue to play as my wife hassles me for the hours this game has taken away from performing housely duties...

anyway everyone should instead arguing take a chill and respect alls opinions.
I agree with many pointers in the above posts.

Diablo 2: Public Games, Custom Games, Custom Game Titles, Trading,
Very Sociable

Diablo 3: Public Match Making, dumb down chatting interface... social... uh... you got the forums I guess? LOL.


Enough, said.
Waited 11 years for better graphics.

That's all I can really see in D3. I still play D2 from time to time, and I also enjoy it more.. How about.. Graphical overhaul for D2, make it look like D3.

Now THAT would be bad !@#$in' %^-.
Meh, I love D3. This is one hell of a beta test.
01/03/2013 08:34 PMPosted by Stormyknight
Tl2 combat had none of the connective punch d3 has, not even close.

I'll say TL2 actually has more punch then fluidity compared to D3. TL2 is lik rigid and choppy but punchy and crunchy. D3 is like hot knife through butter smooth, but still above all else that's the ONLY thing it's got going for it. LITERALLY ONLY, nothing else, and like for me I actually prefer TL2's rigid punchyness, because at late levels with insane IAS it feels just the same as D3 maybe even more(I love having 0.33s attack cooldown on a giant 2hander and hit huge digits and even bigger on crits and have things explode with the camera shake with it), i love popping those suckers of netherim spawnlings and leave that explosive purple blood splatteerd all over the floor. it's putrid bloodbath., d3 idk..

I don't compare until I've met both ends of the game, and TL2 is far more destructive at that maximum potential level vs. D3's.
The best way i can put it is Diablo 3
is basically the antithesis of Diablo 2.
It's like someone literally said:
"Hey, let's just get rid of everything people liked."
I don't know if it was a business decision to
sell more expansions or what...but there's nothing
in Diablo 3 that makes me think the game should've
taken as long as it did and feel this unfinished.
Out of curiosity, how different is level 79 compared to 99? Assuming both characters finished hell.

20 skill points and 100 stat points, 100's of hours grinding from 90-99 :)
At the end of the day, I dont care that some one claims my opinion is not credable because i didnt play till lvl 99 in diablo 2. Im entitled to my opinion as you all are. For me personally i stopped getting that i "must" play feeling in d2 years ago, i moved on. I loved D2. I remember hanging out for expansions etc. It was a great game. Had many ground breaking advances.


Since diablo 3 came out i have wanted to play every day and night. There have been many facets to keep me interested.... Again this is MY experience everyone elses is their own

All im saying be positive dont attack peoples opinions as they are entitled to them wether you agree or not......
At the end of the day, I dont care that some one claims my opinion is not credable because i didnt play till lvl 99 in diablo 2.

you don't even need to level by level 88 with most builds.
sure extra skill points are ok and stuff but really, by then
you are what you are. i played the game over 10 years
and never leveled past 95 because it didn't matter.
that was also the best character i ever owned, however.
he was a v1.09 (best time in D2) Barbarian who beat
an Ith using newb in back-to-back duels with a Grandfather.
if you played back then you'd know that the Ith CB
was a cheat sword where some hack let you remove the runes
and replace them with 40ED/15IAS jewels.
i can't remember how exactly i won...i think i figured out
Hit Recovery was really important to whirlwinding or something.
there was also skill to whirlwinding in D2, but it's hard to explain.
D2 wasnt so good, you guys should had played it when it came out and especially as a D1 veteran.

Everything we loved about D1 was gone at D2.

- ingame depth
- random dungeons and monster
- vendors who sell usefull stuff
- freedom of how you play your char
- soundtrack
- kill counter
- story

Not saying D2 was bad, after all it sold a lot. But for a D1 vet it was a big dissapointment. Forcing people into skill tree´s was a very bad idea, my first Amazon was lvl 30 when I found out that she cant learn spells and use a sword....
At D1 you could play a ranger how you wanted to, now it was all fixed.

But also the dungeons were not random anymore. At D1 you did enter your first dungeon and then did decend to I think 15 more lvls? Everything was new, everytime you did this. At D2 dungeons were always the same. There is a reason why some people did countess runs or meph runs with a specific spec, as the mobs always had the same abilities.

If I see people talk about how awesome D2 was and then they name skill tree´s or dungeon design, then I seriously wonder if they actually played D1 or just LOD with Baal runs 24/7.

D3 for me has a few good features like the AH and the random drops so that farming 1 specific mob is not needed anymore. But D1 it cant touch, though its a tiny bit better than D2 allready.
there nothing wrong with the game.some ppls just want play what they need in diablo,dun they go design thier own game,no game is perfect.online game need patch to improve time by time.and yes...d3 got some problems..blizzard still do thier work.whos ever complain all the time.why dun just leave the game.until they patching what u need and come back to play.there alot game u can buy n play.this world NOT only d3 .since ppls have time to complain why not just stop playing and waiting patch u hope.go for life and not spam forum every minutes .lol

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