are the barbarians suppose to be vikings?

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A lot of the barbarian lore is very Norse heavy and in one of the fall of the barbarians logs kaine even refers to them as "vikings". Do you think the Norse vikings were a bases for the barbarian? What are your thoughts on this? (I posted this in the barb forum and just got blank faces so i moved it to here)
Yes. The ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the people of Northern Europe as "barbarians". The term had a pejorative connotation, although the term literally meant "foreigner". So, anyone other than them was technically a barbarian. The Northern Euros were called barbarian the most, so over time, the term was associated with them. In modern times, the term refers to Norse warriors of a particularly savage nature. However, a barbarian can also be any type of savage warrior, such as the Mongol warriors during the time of Ghengis Kahn (sp?).
ok that makes sense.

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