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Whats the best gear that proc magic find?
My WD has some. I just farm mp1 and last run i found IK belt and Inna staff. IK belt was actually pretty decent. and inna staff just sold for .5mil
I use a socketed Sunkeeper, DD pants, a MF Helfire ring. Those are the notables
hi, my MF gear can solo inferno mp0.. it ain't powerful, but its enough to survive.
I use a socketed Sunkeeper for low levels. I have built in with my chest and pants as well. I run mp0-1 w a leoric and hellfire as well so if you want there is another 40%. You could also get another 45% from an amulet but you have mf there already and is a decent piece.
Legendaries like Depth Diggers and Blackthornes are good and always come with Magic Find.

All things considered though you are better off gearing up to destroy mp1 at a fast pace and gain paragon lvls for your mf bonus. It will help you more in the long run. But if you are set on mf, id go DD/Bthornes and maybe get some on your Amulet as they can get 45 I believe. Other than that give your enchantress a Grand Vizier and perfect blue Mf rings and ammy. As mentioned above Sun Keepers can roll really well, but a good one is expensive.
yah im doing the para leveling... and once i gain max ill get better gear. tryin to get some items to make money while i lvl
is sun keeper the only weapon with MF on it? is there a bow or quiver that procs MF?

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