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So, I was recently hacked and the person got me banned. I got on the phone with Blizzard and sorted out the issue, some of it... I changed the e-mail and password attached to the account and also attached an authenticator. The woman said that she would have the GameMasters lift the ban and allow me to play. She also said that if I wanted to rollback the account I could submit a Support Ticket to rollback the account. The real problem is that the ban is not really lifted, as I cannot play. A couple of days ago, I tried signing in and it came up with a message saying how I had violated policies and I should check my e-mail. So I went to the forums and noticed that I had been banned for posts and comments that the hacker posted. I thought that I would wait until the ban expired since it was only supposed to last until today. I just tried to login and it came up with the same message. Also note that when I look at the status of my account under the game Diablo 3, it says that my account is active.

All account related issues like that MUST be handled via the support ticketing system We can not assist with them in a public forum as we'd have to obtain identifying info from you for verification purposes.

You can either submit a new ticket or reopen an existing one instead.

Right now, it looks like we're waiting on a reply to the rollback offer that was sent to you on the 7th. Without permission or declining the offer, we can not proceed with unlocking the account.
This is funny because I did reply, but i'm talking to a rep. right now:)

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