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Hey I downloaded my Diablo sisters computer to let her try it. She as no experince play games like this. So i thought i would walk her through it. Welll i guess not because so retard decided that starter editions can join other games.................what a way to sell more game if you cant teach someone to play. How am i not suprised though

They have restrictions to keep them from being used to abuse other players.

They can play in multiplayer games with other starter edition players.
Thanks you so much for the response.. So i would take one of my guess passes and enter the product key on her battel profile?

Thanks again
Sorry about the abrasiveness of my first post i was not happy at that moment.
The important part of the Blue response is the part about needing your own starter account to play with her. So you may need to make a second bnet account to do this. IF she upgrades to the full version, then you two could play together on full versions.

From the FAQ, there are multiple ways for you both to get the starter edition. You likely want to read over those and decide which works best for you.

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