Hey PhatPhoEater! Or any other boss barb

So I made some gear changes and I just want to check and make sure im on the right track.

I need to get a mace for my MH and swap EF to OH.

What else do I need to change\upgrade

I still have well over 100m and plan to get ASI on gloves to swap pants to my big Vit pants. I hit the breakpoint I wanted to hit without much wasted ASI. I think I need to swap the helm for one with some Res All to help survivability also. Thoughts?

My brain is also not working right today, can someone tell me if I can go 7% asi on gloves without dropping to the next breakpoint or do I have to get 8% if I drop 8% from the pant switch?
I'm no boss. I obviously don't recommend gearing choices based on what the top 100 barbs do.
Okay, with your gear as is (minus the weapons obviously) if you went to a 1.2 MH mace, and put that EF in your OH, you would be at 2.62 APS for both hands with WOTB up. That is over the 2.5 breakpoint.

If you're tossing the Inna's pants and getting IAS on your gloves, you can keep that 2.5 breakpoint with WOTB up with basically any gloves that have IAS on them. Even 5% IAS on the gloves and regular pants will put you at 2.55 APS with WOTB.

HOWEVER: if you want to keep yourself over the 2.22 breakpoint without WOTB up, you need to get at least 8% IAS on the gloves when you switch pants.

Edit: If you swap the helm for a mempo then you don't need to switch your gloves at all and you'll pick up at minimum enough IAS to keep the 2.22 breakpoint without WOTB and 2.5 with WOTB.

fully buffed numbers with br, wrath, opks.

It looks like you are 7ias over 2.5/2.86. If you had gotten 1 more piece with 9ias you could drop one of the 8s.

I'm a fan of SOJ if you havent considered but you will lose a slot of IAS on your rings.

Your dps stats look solid but your ehp is only 570k with dodge fully buffed by wrath. If you want to stick with ik, big str/AR helm will provide great EHP. Otherwise, I prefer non crit mempo for the price and IAS slot.
I'm not a boss barb from gear (obviously), but I know how to play.

A suggestion.

Switch out your Lacuni's for a pair of Lacuni's with crit chance and scrap the Inna's pants for a set heavy with all res, armor, and vit. You already have +24%MS from the bracers and boots and a set of pants with 70all res puts you over 500 unbuffed...PLUS...pants can roll seriously heavy armor & vit...my pants cost 15 mil and worth every coin.

Your IK helm has 6%cc tied to it and of course the bonus as well....with your coin, you can afford to buy a DANK pair of pants and really decent Lacuni's. Cheers.

Note--this should only be done once you have gloves with IAS.
Also you shouldn't be focusing on vit on your weapons, pants/chest/pants/boots is where the core of your vit is at. I like getting massive str/high damage weapon than vit holder.

I was using innas pants not long ago, i made a switch to rare pants, the change was unbelievable, gain so much of ehp for only 10k damage lost. I still maintain bp at 2.87 on oh.

Lacunis can use CC on them/main hand ring need upgrade if budget is enough.
Thanks guys, I made a list so I will continue to upgrade as gold comes in. I wanted to see where I could go without breaking the IK set, but I think Im going to go with a mempo and ice climbers.

I am watching the AH for a new weapon for sure, but I'm trying to wait for a killer deal.

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