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We are 2 to 3 ANZ playing chars under these rules. We would like to increase the community playing under these rules to make it more often playable. WE have right now 1 DH 1 Wiz and 1 Barb all lvl 13. If you are interested in playing this way addme.

Hey, what server are you running on?

I'm on the Americas.....
Hi SantaClauze,

i tried your idea with a monk - first one died at level 3 - second one got as far as level 6.

the levelling up was great - got first level before talking to Leah - that was great. But going was tough.

with your rules - am i allowed to buy extra potions - cause i really need them or does everything need to be self found?. - or am i better to try ranged char - until i get used to starting on MP10.

Also - i prefer solo - since i dont want anyone let down due to any mistakes i might make - or my connection. i die it is one thing - but someone else - would be even harder to bear. I know in D2 we always had someone with a bow try to draw mobs one at a time, but in D3 that doesnt seem so easy - and not all chars can wield a range weapon.

are you intending to make this challenge for groups - or solo - or both.

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