If you need help with HC?

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Stand up guy, you can trust him.
Vouched. Legit guy.
Hi fox... is it free??? im new to hc a barb but im currently broke let me know if free.. thanks
Vouched, sexy awesome dude. Lol
Can you help me kill act bosses from Hell to Inferno? State your price. I'm on a tight budget.
Vouched. Negotiated a deal and got all boss kills in inferno. Quick and efficient.
Not level 60 yet... but i reckon i will need some help sometime on inferno :)
Can vouch for FOX. EXTREMELY efficient. Friendly. Very quick. Excellent service with no complaints!
depending on what your rates are, I wouldn't mind some power leveling.

Give me an add! or I'll send you one, whichever comes first

Has power leveled 2 characters for me, solid, quick and fair on pricing!
Great guy! The runs were quick and efficient and definitely worth it! Would recommend to anyone looking for a fast way to lvl 60.
Major vouch for Fox. He's a stand up guy that took time out of his session to answer some of my questions even before I used his power leveling services. I finally had a chance to have him power level my Barbarian this evening and he was extremely efficient, very fairly priced, and ensured your safety the whole way through. I will definitely return to Fox for my future power leveling needs!
Big vouch for my man Fox. Very cool and friendly.

Also thank to his mate Navi who got me from 23 to 50 in NM in an hour. Cheers bro

Will definitely hit Fox up for a powerlevel if (read: when) this monk dies ;p
Free ubers very awesome, did mp6 for me and my friend brought our own machines! Thanks
Vouched. Very helpful. Very patient.
Has a great Uber run.

27-60 in about 3.5 hours. Great powerleveling run...
Vouch. Thank you!

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