RMAH Payout issue again

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The same issue again. Jan 12 sales are marked sold in Auction log, but the money has not been sent to my Paypal. It happens more than 10 times since launch. I think what happen is that every time when there`s a maintenance, irresponsible Blizzard employees just copied the original files from the old folder. There is really no excuse for this problem. Someone has to be fired.
Same problem here.
Likewise.... 1297990908 as an example
same here

Order ID: 1298179107
same problem AGAIN!
I have not recieved any payments even if the items are already marked as sold starting on January 12.
just wanted to add myself to the list of affected players.

hopefully this gets attention soon. but since blizz fixed the last rmah issue (december) i'm not nearly as worried this time around.
Any updates? Still no payments starting on the 11th.
same here
hope blizzard solve this problem ASAP
same as last month, it'll get sorted eventually.
Also have the Same Problem! Order Id:1300219935 and 1300219500 Hope they fix this cr@p soon
need more attention otherwise they wont fix the problems
Up, always make same mistake
I've made an inquiry to see if there's a problem with PayPal payments being sent out. I won't get an answer though probably until tomorrow (1/15/2013). I'll post any updates as soon as I know anything. Remember, they're doing maintenance tomorrow morning too so the system will be down for several hours starting at 3 AM Pacific.
Same problem again..pls help order id:1301476712
Yep, it's happening again.
I haven't heard anything specific but in checking a few of your accounts, I see payments being paid out again so it appears to be resolved.
It is indeed resolved, thank you

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