What’s Your Diablo III Gaming Ritual?

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Tea snack BAM
I start by meditating on the many horrible and sadistic things uttered by my mean colleagues at work and then unleash my bloated influx of fury by using my barbarian to meat grinding (WW) the minions of hell. I can tell you, it always feel so much better after and ready to fill in more fury for the next day.
i throw on my Cyndi Lauper records and go hog wild
First check to see where cat is. He tries to help me play by climbing on keyboard at looking at screen! Second thing is playing. Don't need any music. Soundtrack is good enough, especially the spider queen track. Third is talking back to the templar. He can get annoying very quickly.
Me, simply make sure I have enough smokes, sit down in front of my tower and tv turned monitor, log in and play whichever section I feel like doing. I then play till I get tired, my eyes get funny, or I feel that I played enough for the time.
Hmmm, for D3? Seppuku.

Luckily I don't play anymore.

Brainstorm some ideas for the story that I would think to be more interesting. I play through each part cringing at the horrible stereotypical accents of the characters. Then as I am fighting the same monsters over and over, I think about how there could have been cooler, more aesthetically pleasing enemies. Then I cringe at the massive scale in which act 1 dungeons were made, when they could of been simpler but yet better looking than they are. Then I think of all the original makers of Diablo and Diablo 2, and how their completely original masterpieces were victimized by a game with countless stylistic points taken from WoW's artistic style. Then I cringe again at the injustice of the business practices that led to this games creation. But, in a state of denial, I come back every night, and let my imagination put cool parts of the game that do not actually exist. Then I think about modern culture, and how it influences all forms of media, and how capitalism is about making money, rather than creating beautiful worlds you can really sink your teeth into. Then I write massive paragraphs describing this process, hoping that someone will identify with it, or perhaps feel shamed enough to make a change for the better.
i log in, check the AH, search for any upgrade, sigh, then estimate how many weeks it would take to get one
1. Login
2. Check friends list to see if my 1 IRL friend who still occassionally plays is on.
3. If yes, join his game, if no proceed to 4
4. Look at public game list see if anything attracts my interest (derp)
5. Start an act 3 mp0-7 game depending on mood.
6. Do one run to finish hopefully than quit and play something else.
D3 happens when I can't decide whether I want to do bgs in wow or wvwvw in gw2 or play cs go. Commonly I do both, ADD ftw!

I mix up a half/half tall glass of crown n coke.

And by D3, I mean reading/posting in forums for 6 hours.
Load Winamp > load Future Sound of Egypt playlist > play.
i smoke weed then i go to sanctuary and smoke daem0ns
I also agree with ck ^
Get home Tuesday morning. Let the dog out. Grab a beer. Start netflix in a window. Log onto forums. Play drinking game called "drink for every "wahhh! Game no work! Hate u blizz!!! Why you no make game work!!!" post that I see."

When bombed (maybe an hour, hour and a half later) eat a sammich and pour myself into bed.

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