Spent gold on PTR, disappeared on Live.

Technical Support
I was trying out the PTR today, and decided to see what this Archon Armor from Squirt is all about. SO I bought 2 plans: intelligence and Vitality. Cost 3m gold. I went from 4.2m to 1.2m.

No problems there.

BUT when I looked at the LIVE Client, The gold had disappeared as well. So my gold was spent on both PTR and Live :(

The armor recipes did not show up on the Live client, but the gold disappeared anyway. Help?

Below is an excerpt from chat I had with Blizz CS about this issue:
Something does seem to be up. It's not currently possible for your participation on the PTR to affect your characters' inventory in the live game!

Neither logging in to the PTR or copying characters over to it would have removed gold from your stash.

It's possible that someone may have accessed your account without your permission, let me take a look for that.

Well, I had PTR open and Live open simeultaneously. So What I think happened is the transaction went through on both :/

I was chatting with a friend on Live when I bought the items on PTR. I figured since it is a different program and different patch, it should be located in different pc memory.

Also those transactions are all done on the server, not your computer - doing something in one client should have NO way to affect the other.

thats what I assumed, but thats when I checked Live it was also missing.

? Did you receive the items in the live client as well

nope, checked lol.
Any way of knowing a timeframe or if this has been looked into by someone other than issdemona? Cuz that 3m gold (or $0.75 currently) would be pretty helpful to me

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There's really nothing to be looked into I'm afraid, at least not in Technical Support. What you described as happening really isn't possible by the very nature of how the PTR is setup. It's not connected in any way to the retail game. What happens in one cannot affect what happens in the other. If you truly believe it's a bug, you'd need to report it in the Bug Reports forum, though they'll need reproducible steps in order to investigate.
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shoot, I clicked the wrong forum :/
Guess I shall make a new thread.

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