So, is 1.0.7 worth playing now ?

Haven't played for like 3 weeks and seen some new stuffs.

How's your feedback guys ?
some nice wizzie buffs. Free life unstable anomoly is huge.

We do well with the new buffs in PvP once EHP is up there.

Blizz awesome
Temp flux awesome
Free life awesome
Isn't everyone get (or barely get) one shotted in PvP ?
Naw even eric took like 5-6 shots to kill me and he had 400K dps. I had 1.25m EHP.

ppl are gearing very different than first day where one shot was more frequent.

No favorite spec work like Archon or CM.
I love the crafting mechanic. I get enough mats and picked up money in 1 xp run to craft 1-3 amulets, which is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.
The exp buffs are huge so getting to 100 will be less painful if that is something you are interested in. The new crafting of account bound gear and an amulet should keep your attention for awhile. IDC about pvp but the rest of the patch looks good to me!
pvp just gives me a wider range of junk that I can offload on the AH, so I expect it to impact my gameplay in that farming will be slightly more productive for a while. Other than that I have less than zero interest in it. But yeah the extra XP from MP level really trivializes the +xp affixes on cains and hellfire imo. If you can up your MP level by 1 by not gimping yourself with crap gear, it will be worth it now to do so.
PvP is the only thing that is botter free, it's organic and fun.

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