Well that was embarrassing.

Ended up in the EU forums by mistake somehow. Interesting place. Still no clue how I got there, because I used my bookmark ._.
At least the monks there didn't seem unfriendly LOL

ETA: And I wondered why no one said anything when I posted a thread earlier re: Seaboots and a sudden increase in moderation. They actually moderate the EU forum O_O
lol blonde moment!

I did something kinda similar way back during launch week or so, so I know how that feels.

Its like back in high school before you get your license and you come out to get in your parents car and you aren't even paying attention and end up getting in the wrong car. Not that I ever did, but I know at least 3 people who did lol.
LOL Yeah, exactly. I was totally lost, thought the forums were glitched :P Even posted a thread about it, which is where the embarrassment comes in!

Can't say I ever got in the wrong car during high school, but I did go up tot he wrong minivan once to try to load groceries. (In my defence it was the exact same model/year/colour and parked a couple spots down from mine LOL So in my defence this time: The forum was the exact same class and colour scheme :P)
lol yeah. Actually now that I think of it, I remember a time in college where I was picking up my gf of the time from class and she almost got in another car of the same make/model as mine too lol. Had to honk the horn to get her attention.
Im from EU forum :P those mods there banned me for bumping a thread, 1 month ban... wouldnt say the place is heaven :P

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