Elemental Damage on Calamity

Demon Hunter
If you have +holy damage from Inna's favour and +cold damage from SOJ, the calamity will be shooting both types of damage consecutively or will it be alternating?

I am also curious about how much most of the guys pay for their godly calamity (1300 dps with socket and above 90% CD). It seems with 400m, it is almost impossible to find a 1250 one with socket and above 90% CD
When you shoot your Thunder Balls and when your Echoing Blasts detonate, those additional damages go out as Lightning and Poison respectively. They overwrite all your damage types.

Perhaps your Suppression Fire is the one that does Holy & Cold, best guess is that it does both at the same time. Will try this out later
If you attack someone with a physical damage weapon, you apply every single kind of elemental damage you have on your gear. Of course this is just cosmetic, it's pretty but the only one that actually does anything is cold which snares the target.

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