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I found yesterday Leoric Signet ring with 30% bonus exp.,and i saw on AH that the prices are astronomical,so my question is,How much is the ring really worth?
Well I have been looking them up for the past 3 days and noticed there was only 1 perfect one with strength for 100 mil, which someone bought and chucked back up for 150 mil or there just coincidentally was another one put up as soon as it was bought. Now the prices have dropped since there are more up there but I picked one up today with perfect stats for 45 mil. So I guess it is up to you what price you want to "try" sell it.
I put it for 30M bid on AH,so maybe i will get lucky.
Sold it for 40M.
Wow I'm sorry. My 25% (the third ring I found and first I sold) sold for only 20 million when others were sold for more. I made the mistake of it ending at 6 am (I have only used the AH for a few weeks since I play with loot drops only besides a cheap Stone of Jordan). Pretty sure that affected it.
Yikes...you could have made a ton more...I sold a 29% Int for substantially more than 40m...sorry dude
01/07/2013 12:50 AMPosted by MIGOR
erday Leoric Signet ring with 30% bonus exp.,and i saw on AH that the prices are astronomical,so my question is,How much is the ring really worth?

where dropped? path? runs? time spent?
worth a lot less post patch...... Exp will be easier to come by so its been said.
I have two relatively lame Signets (22 & 23%) after about a week of farming for them, about 4 hours a day. I do VOTA for 5 stacks, then go Caldeum Sewers, Ruined Cistern, then Oasis. (The entire thing.) After my 5 stacks I'm at 475% MF, which is the limit in Normal Mode MP 10. For people that have trouble getting Manald rings instead of Signets, I suggest you take this route, because I don't think Manalds can drop in these spots. The first ring came from some Elite skeletons in the Lost Ruins, and the second one came off of the Act 2 Keywarden.

I'm kind of peeved at the moment though, because I go to equip them and the game won't let me. WTF is going on here, seriously!? I'm going to assume you're only allowed to equip one because of the EXP boost, but how come it doesn't say this like.. ANYWHERE!? I've read so many drop guides and seen so many videos on youtube and even looked at the info for it here on the site, and nowhere does it say you can only equip one. Is it the same with the Hellfire Ring? Can you also not wear a Hellfire+Signet? Can you not wear a ring that boosts EXP and a helm with a ruby in it? How does this bull work? And yes, I know I can put the other ring on my follower for like... 5-10% of the effect, but I am seriously annoyed that this is not documented clearly on the item page. Blizzard is very sloppy with letting you know about all these 'hidden' rules.
You can only wear one. You can however wear one with a hellfire, and you also can equip a ruby in helmet to have all 3 spots getting you bonus exp. I did not know this at first either so I forked it up and bought 2 of them.. lesson learned.
That ring will lose alot of value in 1.07 as exp has been doubled in high MP and you are gimping yourself bigtime with that ring. Glad you sold it while you could. I don't even bother with a ruby in helm, ill level very fast in 1.07 with high MP and my hellfire.

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