Is it LAGGY? or is it just me?

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Hi there,

In the last few days I've been getting some crazy lag, 1st i thought it might be my ISP but as I've don't some checks (ISP's speedtest and i found that my speeds are with in the normal running.
And yet in Diablo 3 for the last 10 days or so I've been getting laggy game play such as, i click to attack something and i get a 1-2 sec delay before the attack happens. Ive also noticed that my normal MS which should be around 180-200 ( I know thats high for some people but thats normal for me playing from Australia ). But now my MS jumps between 210-320-480ms.

Is there anything wrong with the server it self, is there anything i can do to reduce the lag.

Thank You.
It is very laggy. My bar is staying green but get crazy lag spikes. It is not my internet or computer so their servers have to be having issues.
I am also having some lag spikes. Bar is green most of the time, but spikes are really annoying. It is happening randomly and i tried a lot of things, but none solve the problem.
Same here. Just noticed the lag after the last maintenance. Check my isp/ and everything seems to be normal. Computers running smoothly with other heavy apps. Reset modem/router (which usually solves the lag problem).

Still having lag issues.

My latency bar turns yellow every time I engage mobs.

Hope a blue or anyone can help us.
Up for support.

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