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Im from Brazil but I cant take this game is portuguese anymore... all meaning of itens and the skills of the game r wrong also the sound quality sucks compared to the EN version.. to me it looks like it wasnt done by somebody who has knowledge about video games, RPGs or Diablo3
I dont wanna write too much but the point im trying to make is... Im in disadvantage with this lame dubbed crap.. I understand they have no time to do it well but... it sucks anyway.. casuals must love it to undertand the history and stuff but nobody in the world can take it longer 500 hours.. I could bet my damn wind force on it!
I installed the English version but for some reason I cant LOG IN with my account when the game is EN.. its says: the client doesnt match native language.. the weird thing is that my friends that bought the game from the internet can play in english.. I bought the retail so i cant? Thats the thing...? Im never gonna play d3 again..? because im not gonna play this PT piece of crap ever again. Please dont make me play that DOTALOLHONCRAP
Hmm... A little research doesn't make the situation entirely clear, but it sounds like this has to do with local distribution arrangements. If you buy directly from Blizzard, whether a retail box or a digital download, you get the full version. If you buy from a local retailer, you might get some local version.

I suggest you post in the technical support forum ( ), or put in a support ticket ( ). They'll be able to explain the situation, and maybe offer you a solution.
I didnt know where to post it... Ill try to send a ticker first
Thanks a lot bro

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