Need weapon advice

Witch Doctor
Hey fellow WD, i need help buying new weapons.
I need a MH and OH that would keep my dps around what it is with my skorn for about 12mil.
If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

I do have a ToTD that i found farming its stats are

100-220 damage
54 dex
155 int
57 vit
109 Mana
11 mana regen
8.5 crit
12% to corpse spider damage
Not gonna happen for 12m.
your totd is kinda low. I dun think you can keep your dps w a 12m 1h weapon. I guess you need a 1100+ ef with socket and ls to make up the dps and life steal. that costs around 500m
wow. not what i wanted to hear but thanks for the info.

also. is there anything special to that ToTD i have? i havent seen a lot of em with 12% bonus to spiders if thats even a determinate
Nobody cares about spider damage to be honest. If you want to get a better main off hand on par with your skorn, while i think 500 mil is way to high you're definitely not going to see it for 12 mil.

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