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I am wanting to upgrade my offhand to an EF and I have a budget of about 200mil. I looking for guidance for what type of EF I should get to maximize my DPS. Is it better to get a lower DPS EF with open socket and CD or a higher DPS EF with strength and other attributes like AS? All advice is greatly appreciated.
You dont really need to be concerned with AS on it TBH. You will be losing LS. If you get one with LS then it will only have OS OR CD not both with LS.

watch the APS(attacks per second) go with at least +.24 this is the main reason for the EF inthe first place.

So to sum it up I would look for the highest dmg range. this is the part under the bold DPS number. you want a high end over 1k at least. If your getting one with LS OS or at least 90% CD on it. Str of course if you can.

It won't be cheap but that is the top of what you want.
Thanks for the help, I'm not worried about losing the LS due to having it on my belt and MH. Is strength an important stat, or can I concentrate on OS and CD?
Strength is always an important stat...but not a deal breaker. the OS and CD should be above the str in decision making. If you have a choice, yes go strength.

Of course if you have more money than god. Get it all all....
From what I've seen and read, having one on you OH with LS, +0.25, Str, and Vit, even with lower dps (850-900) is pretty awesome for support. CD is always beneficial, or a socket for the emerald.

When i put mine on my overall attack speed jumps way up, which is sweet. Unfortunately i didnt get one with the life steal, chose crit instead cause it was cheap and fit my budget. With your budget of 200m im positive you could find one with both, life steal and crit. main thing id watch for is that +APS stat.
Use this damage calculator to evaluate your needs for damage. Don't end up paying for something that gives you less damage just because it has crit damage on it. You have to factor average damage, .21-.25 APS as well as strength in addition to crit. Hope this helps
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input!
The average damage is not going to add very much dps if you're using it in your offhand. Better to concentrate on getting more stats, .24-.25 APS, str, and crit damage.

Remember though, EF can only roll 2 modifiers, so you can get crit damage and a socket, but not crit damage, LS, socket.
dont waste gold on a massive dps EF for OH. You can see the effect on your tdps yourself at d3rawr. Do not rely on paper dps for effective in game dps of double nado builds.

Search the AH for the highest non-ias EF and look for a 700dps one. At fully buffed tdps you may see 5-10% difference but the cost difference will be enormous. If 2 EFs are identical in every way in stats and price but one is 800dps and the other 1k, then of course get the 1k EF.

EFs in the MH are for people with billion gold budgets just for weapons.
If you wish to be forever spinning in pve, takes phapho's advice. If you want to more diversity in builds and be good in pvp too, go the other way. Your budget is not small, just a 50mil more you can get those high end EF.

I never look at your profile, but i assume you can already farm well. Start consider getting "paper" dps and ehp.

Avoid getting LS echo with less than 1kdps. Leave the LS to the mainhand. Its cheaper and affordable. End product is big damage in both hands for any builts and still have the ls.
You can decide for yourself whether it's worth gearing for PVP when we know nothing about it.

It's like the stock market, you can risk it and potentially get in before prices rise. Or you can act based on zero information and take a blind guess and waste gold. Up to you.
Look at all top 100barbs. They cant be wrong i assure you.
You will not find subpar or low damage OH.
Every primary attacks alternates between hands. Possible blizzard make a change to that?
Don't think so. Its not speculation. Its thinking logically and rationally.
LOL, comparing top100 barbs to the vast majority of users with much much much smaller budgets is fair? Gearing in this game isn't a matter of "just get a version with less stats." It's way more cost effective to figure out your budget constraints and gearing appropriately.

A player with a 2bil budget will not approach gearing the same way as a person with 200m.
Of coz i did enknowledge your way of geaing is a gd budget setup. 200mil is not small. With goodbuy, you can get pretty top items. I just feel OP should get a big buy with this 200mil. Before doing smaller upgrades as they can be easily done later.?Many times we dont get such big amount of gold for one shot investment. Use it well OP.
For 200 mil you should be able to get one with about 1050 DPS, a socket and >0.23 APS. I think that'd be ideal for you.

Personally I think your current weapon set is fine, although you can drop Bloodthirst and run Tough as Nails or Superstition as 11.5% LS is kind of unnecessary and they'll buff your EHP more.
I'd also upgrade to a socketed IK helm and CC lacunis (low end) before I upgraded to an EF. I think it's a good idea to get solid weapons, which you already have, and then upgrade your gear set around them before you up your weapons again. You should be able to get both of those for well under your 200mil budget. The better your ancillary items are, the more DPS a weapon upgrade will add.
Your andy's will be murdering your EHP with the extra fire damage and in unsocketed which is pretty crucial for a helm.

01/10/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Horngyuh80
Of coz i did enknowledge your way of geaing is a gd budget setup. 200mil is not small. With goodbuy, you can get pretty top items. I just feel OP should get a big buy with this 200mil. Before doing smaller upgrades as they can be easily done later.?Many times we dont get such big amount of gold for one shot investment. Use it well OP.

At his gear level though I think it might be a good idea to upgrade his set with 2 100mil buys rather than one big buy on an OH weap. I completely agree with you about spending at least 200mil on a buy when you're around my level of gear, but as I said above, I prefer to upgrade the set around decent weapons and then drop big cash on weaps. That's how I did it running with two weaps similar to my current ones but about 1/4 the price all up. And then when I upped the weaps it boosted my paper DPS by about 25K in one hit, and boosted by tDPS by about 200K.
I realise a solid IK helm won't be anywhere near 100mil, but low end CC lacunis will be pretty exspensive and they'll make a bigger difference to both DPS and EHP I think.

1050dps?? You should study AH more.
1250dps probably possible.
Sorry, forgot to type CD in there.

As it happens, I got my one for just under 200 mil and it has comparable stats to what I mentioned.
Don't rely on random internet posters, use d3rawr to see the actual difference between an 800 dps OH EF vs 1k dps with same stats (whether you decide to go socket LS or socket CD). You can see the 2% difference fully buffed and judge the cost value for yourself.
with my budget, should I overlook having strength for now? There is a HUGE price diff. when strength is considered.

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