Couldn't connect on loading screen (new info)

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I've posted a few times about the stuck on loading screen error that just says "couldn't connect, lost connection to server" after a minute or so.

Never had any success in fixing it though, today I'm posting with some new info to add that might help someone help me or others in this situation.

My internet's "dead" zone (lol).

Basically, when I've been using my internet for other games or browsing the web for a while and then I try to log into D3, I get this error a lot. If I reset my router it works instantly. If I play D3 in the morning when no one has touched it since last night then D3 normally works fine, but again after it's used for a few hours it reaches the "dead" zone again and it's almost impossible to play D3 until I reset my router (and even then it might screw up 30mins later).

With any luck this could help pin point why I get this error.

Some other info:

- During the "dead" zone D3 always takes ages on the "initializing" and insanely long times to log in (failing at times).
- The "dead" zone also applies to WoW when I play it, the launcher for WoW also takes forever to let me click "play" and then when I try to log in it says failed to connect even though my net loads websites fine.

This error really makes me want to stop playing D3, but 1.0.7 looks interesting so I'd like to pick up the game again. If I can't get some sort of fix with this error though I don't see the point.

Thanks to anyone who could be bothered reading!
I am having this same exact issue.

Question - do you play on multiple realms or multiple cores? I only started having this problem when I started playing both cores on the US Server.

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