NON pvp what to upgrade next thread lol

Witch Doctor
Im sure theres many upgrades that are expensive but i dont have a huge budget, seriously... MAX 5mil at a time... depending how my stuff sells... Please give me a practical upgrade to what im wearing.
i would get a better left ring.. maybe something like a litany or unity or oculus ring. 12% life doesnt do much for you with the amount of hp you have, and that ring really has nothing to it other then the 6% cc, i'd guess you'd be much better off with higher stats and cc/cd. this would be your most cost efficient upgrade, imo

i would also consider ditching the blackthorns for a witching hour

and the lacunis for a nice defense Strongarm, youll get the life percentage back you lose from the ring on the strongarm, plus a lot more defense and CC which is more vital for mid level geared WDs. then you can get some big dmg gloves. your gloves are nice but they are very defense oriented, which is not really bis because you can get such high dmg from a set of 150+int, 40+CD/9+CC

your character is already really well rounded, those are just the things i would consider for a slightly cheap regearing. other then that, you should probably just save up more then your 5m spending limit. youre not going to upgrade anything for 5m except maybe that ring
Your blackthorne's jousting mail sucks to put it frankly. Either go with a better blackthornes (int/vit + socket rolls or 200+ vit w/sockets) and a better lacuni with crit. Another cheaper alternative would be to get inna's pants with int/vit roll and a good int/vit strongarm bracers. If you are lacking for AR, you can also get an int/AR strongarm bracers.

The inna/strongarm is a little better suited for bear builds while the blackthorne/lacuni is usually the way to go if you utilize AC with the extra LoH that you can get. A good blackthrone/cc lacuni is a more expensive road than innas/strongarm though.

Your zuni helm can also be upgraded pretty cheaply. You have a low int/ low AR roll. If you need the AR, get a 250+ int one. I opt for a better roll like cc / mana regen.

AND you need to stack more vit / life%. You are missing it in a few key areas (ammy, shoulders, rings, etc.) You want to get to 600+ AR, 3500+ armour, 50+ hp to be able to fair well in upper MPs.
Thanks guys, I would like to get a better budget but the AH is slow and things aint sellin much =/ I really appreciate the help. I just didnt know which direction to go from here.

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