looking for as on gear, lil help plz

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just like topic. i'm not looking to give up to much ehp or gaining movement speed as i only do mp7+. i know some will argue the benifit of ms but it seems to come at too high a price and i can micro well enough and hopefully a little better with a bit more att speed. i was leaning towards gloves but i'm not sure it's the best bet. anyone have any advice?
Prowlers is the perfect fit that you're looking for as much as you say you aren't interested in the extra movement speed it does help. You dont need to sacrifice that much EHP to get it either, just your gold. The only other places you can put AS are.
Head(Mempo too expensive for int+CC)
Feet(loss of set bonus)
Gloves(if you want something that keeps your EHP up +damage it'll probably run you more then a pair of lacunis)
Innas pants huge loss of EHP (you're better off swapping for prowlers as its less of EHP trade off)
Amulet(Tals' can't roll CC+IAS+life%)
Trade Unity for a trifecta.
lol, i forgot ias could roll on rings. i'll definetly check that out. you sure that ias gloves with close attributes would cost more than lacunis?
You cant roll the stats you have +IAS you'll have to give up the armor or the all resist or the vit.
If you did 4.5 CC prowlers with int+vit they start around 50 mil. If you drop either vit or int you're looking at 25-30ish at 4.5 CC. 100+int 9 IAS 9% CC 40%CD i'm showing start at 250mil for gloves so I would assume for pricing purposes Innas pants > Lacuni prowers > trifecta rings>Amulet>Gloves for getting IAS
i'll check it out. the prices on ah seem pretty random right now. figure the patch has people all wound up or something. thanks for the advice bud, not many witch docs from day 1 left. its good that the ones that are left help out. thanks again
Keep in mind, the most cost effective way to get AS when you really need it is to squeeze BBV into the build.
Get a pair of "Sage's Gesture" gloves. You can get trifecta w/ good intel and vit. Not too pricey.
problem with sages is it caps at 8.5 CC and CD seems to be capped at 34. Alsp ones with int/vit are expensive, you can generally find better rare gloves then sages.

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