Frequent Network Disconnects booted from game

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Been happening to me all evening, not sure why. Just got booted for the 5th or 6th time tonight.
its not isp latency. have no trouble with any other game or site based in the states etc. This is isolated only to D3 in the last 2 weeks and more so the last few days
01/31/2013 06:25 AMPosted by Icingdeath
its not isp latency. have no trouble with any other game or site based in the states etc. This is isolated only to D3 in the last 2 weeks and more so the last few days

Symptoms of lag/rubberbanding aren't what this thread is about, it's about being completely disconnected from the game instance, regardless of latency or rubberbanding. There is no spike leading to the drop, it's simply a random drop for no apparent reason.

If you're convinced your issue isn't an ISP/router lag I would try out the checksum offload fix that I linked for trying to correct rubberbanding.
This is an issue on Blizzards end, not ours. Would be nice to get a blue response.
If any of you guys have ran a pathping you should post it in here, could possibly point to a culprit.
I freeze the second i try to run anywhere in game. gave up on completing trades even. reinstalled os and d3 hoping it would help... soooooo frustrating. its even freezing in ah sometimes now. havent changed ANYTHING and ive never had problems the 6 months i have been playing. been doing google searchs and everything i can to find someone with same prob. really discouraging blizzard :(
Went a few days without a disconnect but low and behold just got disconnected again. Blue response please.
yeah i turned off all on screen affects ie crits heals dmg health bars. everything =\ i discod on mp8 as soon as i tried to whirlwind. for some reason on mp5 i can play for like 1 or 2 minutes then one random time when i ww i disco again. lame i just bought a 200m item n cant even check it out lol. tried turning vsync on and off. lots of things.
Been getting disconnected all day. Think I've only actually completed two Act 3 runs, all the rest were stopped by disconnects.
switched ww to rend and im fine now. laaaamme
annnnd as soon as i had too much going on on the screen it froze again. !@#$ it catchu guys in a few weeks i guess
I'm playing on the EU realm and this is currently happening to me. Once every hour or so. I'm playing with a friend and this is not happening to him. It can be anywhere, any place. And it seems so random. We're always playing with Skype and it does not disrupt the call, and no other application connected to the internet.
As many previously stated, I don't get kicked out to the log in screen, just to the character select screen.
I do, however, get kicked out of my party. So I have to re-join that party.
I can not play alone for this reason. All progress will be lost when and if I get disconnected.
Can someone from the staff give this some attention, pl0x?
Same here, in the last 2 hours I have been disconnected from the network 4 times. Right after I get my five stacks....I get booted to the character select screen. It's not my connection, I already tested it. This combined with the ridiculous lag of the AH that I have been experiencing is really starting to piss me off.

Blizzard get your act together! This thread has been going for a month with zero blue reply's.....seriously? Amongst all the garbage that has been going on with this least take care of the people who have stuck it out!

This is a game breaking issue.....We can't farm effectively having to drop our 5 stacks constantly. To boot, I just killed a Keywarden who dropped a key and before I could pick it up I got the boot. UNACCEPTABLE!
I've been reporting this now for days this quest router is causing all kinds of problems.
Been disconnecting all morning with an error 3007 connection timed-out error. Haven't played in a quite a while but this is the first time I've experienced this behaviour.

Seems to happen if I have inactivity at the login/auction house screens. In game, I haven't experiencing this issue - could be because I'm constantly actioning the servers.

Getting pretty annoying though I'll have to admit, having to log back in after every 5 mins of inactivity...
still no response....:(
Hey guys I was advised by tech to make a separate post about our issue and get everyone to sign off the tech said he will try to get the post flagged.
Back again tonight...thought it was solved after 1.07, had no issues until today. 3 DC's in less than an hr. This is what it ALWAYS says what happens when I click ok, never disconnected from blizz or the internet. just shoots to main screen.
Been an issue for me off & on all day.
More dc's today than in the past month total .

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