Error 37 and 73 Authenticating service.

Technical Support
same here. gotta get this thread up. Bliz, you guys have to do better than this !
Having the same problem here. Not sure what is going on. I'm getting error 37 and error 73.
Same im getting error 73...
... I get the impression from the error messages that the servers are full and overloaded?

Go figure - what time is it in the USA? Don't worry about us poor aussies mid sunday morning....pffft! Seems they don't have enough servers for all of us perhaps? My first error was worded like ...."experiencing traffic..try again later".... then the error 3006 (i think) and then error 73 randomly pop up... after timing out at log-in...latest one was something like "...Bnet is experiencing an outage"... guess we are experiencing outage too...sry, i meant outrage...

What I do not understand is, that if you are already in the game, why do YOU get kicked for someone else logging in and overloading the whole thing? Bah!
same here

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