Item disappered at gold auction house

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I had just put out 10 fresh items for auction and about an hour later I tried to log in to check if I had sold anything.

At first I couldnt get into the AH because I keept getting error messages, "31075" & "3022" and finally "Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions." and then I got kicked out to login screen.

I logged back in and after a few more tries to access the AH i eventually got in and immediatly notice that I had only 9 active auctions, tho nothing had been sold nor had any auctions ended. I scrolled trough my active auctions and noticed that a pretty good amulet was missing and was nowere to be found.

What's really weird tho is that I had tried to sell this item over a long period of time, probably at least 10 attempts using diffrent price ranges, but scrolling through my auction history I could not find any trace of the item - it had been completly erased!

Does blizzard have any logs they can look through to find my item and reimburse it to me?

As its completly gone I cant see any transactions ID's or name of the item, but I believe the name was something like "Eminence choker" with stats as follows:
Average dmg ~32-60
Poison resist ~30
Critica hit chance 7%
Critical hit dmg ~50-60%
Dexterity ~150

I first noticed this around 30 minutes before posting this and I found the amulet maybe 1-2 weeks ago and has been trying to sell it several times since then. Maybe that will help you find it.

Thank you!

We don't really offer any support for auction house transactions in the forums and item restorations aren't possible in Diablo III for any reason, but in looking through your auction history, I only see one amulet fitting your description. I can't see the item name or stats as our system doesn't provide those details, but it's an amulet you tried to sell many times and finally did on 12/25/2012, claiming the gold (over 20 million) on 12/25/2012 at 20:27:27 UTC.

The auction ID it was sold on is 963194014

Yes that transaction I can still see, but that is a diffrent item although quite similar stats.
It's however not the item I am currently talking about as the one you are refereing to were sold more than 2 weeks ago, where as I tried to sell the disappeared item today and several times during the last couple of days (I know this very well since it was one of the more valuable items I've been trying to acution the last few days).

If I understood your reply there's nothing you can do to help out with this?

Guess at least I got the answer to one of my questions - whether or not you can see any trace of the item in question and it seems that you can not...
Divious ,

Can you provide an auction id # that was trying to sell the item?
I have exactly the same issue, had 10 active auctions, just logged in, 3 items expired, 6 still active and 1 item missing. This was a rly expensive item and is not showing on the list, its just gone....

EDIT: on eu server, so probably u cant even check
Sorry to post in someone elses forum post, I'm missing an item that doesn't show whether it's sold or not in the completed tab, it isn't in my auction tab neither on any of my heroes, I recently upgraded the piece and listed it on the auction house to sell it but now it's suddenly vanished.

Piece was a blackthornes chest with 90dex, 190vit and pickup radius. If any help is available i'd appreciate that.

i've just had the same thing happen on the EU auction house, so its not limited to just the US one.
It was a Danetta's Revenge which i had up for 55mil and its just disappeared and not gone to the completed tab.
Same here. Both me and my friend lost our items. Completed tab is empty. My loss is not important but my friend lost an Echoing Fury which is worth 50M!

Actually, all of these posts in this thread are from the EU region, not the US. You and they should really be posting on the EU Tech Support forum too.

or submitting support tickets on the EU site
I've checked and it appears our admins are currently looking into the AH issues on Europe now. I don't have any sort of ETA as to when it can be fixed nor do I know the status of the items in question. They also suggest you post in the European forums instead of the US when issues arise in that region.
Apologies for posting in the wrong regions forums, I came here from the site and it immediately linked me to the US forums, I thought it would've redirected me to EU forums, but I've posted in one of the threads in the EU region so thank you for the semi-update regarding the situation.
Hi there,

Same thing happened to me, yesterday while farming I got an Immortal's King Triumph worth 200 millions, and now disapeared from the Auction House. No Item, no money... nothing.
It's not even listed in the history list.

The set item is:
Immortal's King Triumph
75% all resistances
185 strength

can Anyone please help


I've addressed this two posts above yours.
same problem on eu 85 mil ring gone. and from the ah log. wth are u going to do about this blizz?

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