Rate the monk above you, Part II

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What's wrong with your resistant? I see you are using both cold and arcane resist.
HP is too low. Shoulder is missing vit.

The arcane resist was a mistake on my part i was stacking cold but the stuff with arcane is stuff i found... bad rolls i guess but thnx for pointing that out to me. Ill try to fix the things you pointed out only got like 3 mill in the bank tho:(

Ps. No need to rate me ^^^^^^^
@Twinsbuster Interesting EQ and build. - 8/10
What MP do you typically run to farm / Xp?

-Anyone reviewing me, it would be appreciated if you could advise how to boost dps by a few to get around 105k DPS for less than 5m.

(I know my hellfire is !@#$ty, but <3 the exp bonus)
Looking at the Monks on this thread shows me I have a lot of work to do.
I am not sure what I should focus on to improve. Any help would be appreciated.

You could consider getting two pieces Nat. Other than that get more IAS I guess? I'm not a very experienced player though I have played a long time and I have a pretty !@#$ty monk...So its probably better to listen to others' advice.

Plz rate me. I need a direction on how to improve.

I am not super experienced either, but I would lose the set daibo in favor of a skorn if you prefer to 2hand, maybe pick up better bracers...
Ah f*ck... I forgot to change my gear...I use that two hand to farm exp and I don't have enough gold to get a skorn......but anyhow, here is the gear I use regularly, please rate me again (ignore the build).

I guess since I broke the sequence I will have to do this again.
In my opinion, both your rings and amulet should have at least two of the three affixes: IAS CC CD. So try to work on those first.

Nice looking Monk. Vit seems a bit low though - maybe pick some up on your bracers.
Also, Im not a big fan of the Nats set unless the ring has natural crit chance. I think you could do much better with a well rolled rare imo.

Nice Monk :) 8.5/10

Love the daggers dont see many monks around weilding 2 daggers!!!
@Blackbox Looks like you were missed. For 5 mill it is going to be very hard to get you more dps but i suggest you look at "Edward's" build. Notice the very high +damage on his accessories?, that is what you need. 7/10

@ClebTkon Assume you are using blackthorns belt for the life regen?. If i were you i would go for a witching hour which will give you a substantial dps boost. Remember the higher the dps the better LS works. 7.5/10

no need to rate me thanks

Solid shield monk with youre atk speed. did not add up but you seem to have high all res plus arcane. very balanced tankynes and dps. skill wise not much to say.

gear wise seing you roll a shield looking into hallowed hand and shield. the set bonus grants atk speed.
@ClebTkon Assume you are using blackthorns belt for the life regen?. If i were you i would go for a witching hour which will give you a substantial dps boost. Remember the higher the dps the better LS works. 7.5/10

Yea thanks just trying to find one in my price range they are so pricey :)
01/27/2013 03:09 PMPosted by Sanosuke
atk speed. did not add up
enchantress buff maybe?

01/27/2013 03:09 PMPosted by Sanosuke
hallowed hand and shield
would have to be perfect or near perfect rolls on both to exceed what i have.

No rating req'd thanks

i just meant solid ias. And that i did not add up youre all resand arcane but they seemed high. all res i think youre at 480 could be wrong. either way youre ehp was around 1m so pretty solid.

Looks like your unbuffed dps is around 129k which is pretty solid; ~570 res with 50k hp is pretty good eHP as well. The one thing I'd say you can improve on pretty easily is your Natalya's Reflection.. The way I see it, the point of using the 2-item bonus is to get past the 6 cc "limit" that rare rings have. By not getting crit chance on the ring, you're passing up on a lot of dps.. For example you'd probably be able to sell both of those pieces in favor of high dex rare boots (or ice climbers) and a rare ring with avg dmg/crit chance/ias.
tekmox decent monk but i see these all the time maybe more chc chd
@bloodwar pretty nice, nothing i can see really needs an upgrade lol

nice set up, maybe getting a tri ring to further improve ur dps.


im on full buff my base dps is only 98k

Solid LS Shenlog set you got there. Perhaps an upgrade to belt and definitely the gloves but overall a top performer.


EDIT: @Shaky

Haha we both rated ANigerian 8.5 nice

As for your monk...insane DPS for using Crystal Fist and the Wailing and Litany. Keep doing what your doing building Monk Diversity.

After seeing your post your DPS is halfed but still cool diversity and get that DPS up.


EDIT 2: Nah but I wish it I did got mine about a month ago. 5M would have been like stealing candy from a baby!

haha u r 1 of my fav monk love ur shenlong i think i say that 3 times already.


just a side note did u bought that armour for 5m and pants for 20+ yesterday? =w=

edit# capt, i sold 1 w smiliar stat for 5m min bid, cant believe no1 buy that for at least 20-30m, guess im that baby damn

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