Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Sexy !@# monk! Nothing I see that needs immediate attention. Only thing I can see that should be first priority would be the bracers, maybe getting ones with cc or a lacuni with cc. Solid work man!
@Pein nice overall monk would a 6.0 cc bracers help much yours are sexy stated just wondering 2cc for my monk would be huge
@bloodwar everything is so nice lol...


Very solid S&B monk. A socket in that EF would bring even more pain in PvP.

Fiber, very similar stats to what I have except your a dual wielder. I'd upgrade some of the gems if you can (even I, cheap bastard that I am, have managed 50s). Also your resistances could do with a boost. Overall looks good 7/10. I'd give you one higher if you had a shield.

@ sono

Don't know what Kind of Budget you can work with, but I'd suggest picking up new pants with Vitality instead of arcane resist, and a pair of nats boots with vitality plus arcane resist. The More Vitality you have, the better all your Life% gear will be. At your levels of resists youll probably get more EHP out of more vitality, especially with the Lifesteal and LOH items you have, AND since youre running with serenity.

Other than that, I mean you could probably farm MP3 or 4 with that build with few issues, and thats really all youre looking for these days,

Solid 8 for you

@ oldman No snapshotting for me, with 5.1% lifesteal and my DPS, I can sit and take a whole lot of punishment. Dont forget I have the LPSS helm too which is a ton of Regen while tempest rushing

health fixed thanks for advice. was doing mp6 with the 29k hp now im guessing i can do 7-8

@!@#$%^-*!@er very nice setup . great dps with a shield 9/10

Pretty good set of gear, higher mp will be tough for you with low res/armor. I would recommend getting a lower dps weapon for your EF that has LoH LS Crit and socket. The dps will drop a little bit but all the extra eHP will do wonders for your survivability.

Bear in mind this is specifically for higher MPs
Keep it up man! Lookin' real good!! I would say drop the dex on your bracers to pick up more vit and same CC. Your health pool looks a little low to me though.
@ Ghost
Like your build. All your upgrades from here are going to be pricey, but there is definitely some room for improvement. Adding some CD to your gear would help your effective DPS. Shenlongs is a cool set but to break into the next tier of damage you may need to go with different weapons.
Great DPS, solid sustain from LOH and LS and ample AR with OWE. Only real upgrades are better rolls of items you have or to change the BSickle for a higher DPS weapon.

Looks good for you char.

@fafa -

looks like you have decent dps. that EF has really high fear though... maybe good for pvp, but definitely not pve..

also, not really sure what you are doing with your resists. if you are going to use OWE you should concentrate on one type of resistances.. i see multiple on your gear.

overall pretty solid though.. i say 8/10

First of all, love your monk's name, +1 for that!

So, I think the only thing I might want to change is to get a little bit more Res All. Your ammy and other ring could roll a little bit higher, other than that, I'D REALLY LIKE TO HAVE YOUR GEAR!

10.5/10 (gotta love those naming bonuses!)
no really the expert on monks only been playing for a couple months, but i'm guessing you have a tank build or maybe a tempest rush build. But everything looks nifty.

@muramase 5/10

I think you really need to focus not only on dps but EHP. Both are gonna cost you an arm and a leg though. I thought wizards were expensive. :-/
dont see many TR monks now. but your all resist is low and the skorn does not have ls. this is the direction you should be working on. get tons of cirt chance, get rid of attk speed. add more crit dmg. and more spirt regen.

you're gear and DPS is amazing.When i grow up i wana be jsut like you.200k dps im not going to say !@#$.i havent read up on how to play monk effectively.

There's lots of things you could upgrade, I'd suggest dropping the MF. Better gear lets you level up faster, and allows you to farm a higher mp which gives you more drops and magic find exp. You'll make up the loss in MF in very little time and be much more ahead long run. Replace the Life gem with an experience one in the helm. Also if you get a socketed LS weapon you will survive much better and can drop some resist/vitality.

I won't rate you since you are new =).

Nice dps monk. I suggest you find ways to up your resist. 3xx is too low. A good candidate is the inna radiance to replace pickup to AR/CR

yuh, I think I've rated you before. Still say the same thing. Good all round Monk - could do with a few more hit points. 7/10


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