Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Impressive, a good looking monk you have there. 8/10 =)

Very nice Monk. I'm not a fan of the EF, but a lot of people make it work for them. 8/10.

I see your are a rich guy.
You may get a Witching Hour and another Chest Armor to further improve.

Maybe drop your BT neck for one with CC. I had one with CD and it made a HUGE difference for me. Also maybe look in to Lacunis?

I would say 7.5/10. But take my rating with a grain of salt, as I just came back after about a 3 month vacation from D3, about a week ago! :D
@Douger14 looks deccent but has a lot yet to improve

i don't really like skorn monks so i wont go deeper on this, cause i also saw it has no LoH or LS so, unless is being used to try it on PTR pvp, it doesn't look good at all

Anything I say is probably wrong, so haha , I would say try to keep your stats and just max your CC on everything. but 300k for a TR? Jesus haha 9.9/10
Very decent setup with 5K plus armor and 1900+Loh..only concern may be resists on the low side and it would be nice to supplement with weapon containing LS to of set lack of resist all...however i can understand that would be hard to if you are to keep the shenlong set...overall very nice gear for your setup
@boro what do u have against skorn monks? you TR imposter!!

I like to compare apples to apples so LFM real TR monks
@Technoviking nice temple rush setup u have! 8/10

You have excellent armor coupled with dual life-steal.

My only recommendation would be to drop OWE the extra 150 resist isnt really worth the spot.

BTW that is a solid EF, I'm jealous


very balance well maded build there.

a new amulet might be something to look forward to.

@shakyspeare I'm no good with number rankings...but love that you're rocking the crystal fist! Like your monk.
nice set up! Only thing I would say is toss the OH for a better one with CD/OS/Dex/Vit
Other than that, keep trucking along!
@ chrono....

7/10... I would try to upgrade the nat ring to one with either crit/CD/or average damage
maybe change out the gems in your pants, you have a lot of health, it could boost your dps

as for me, I'm in my tempest gear.... so be gentle
nice set up! Only thing I would say is toss the OH for a better one with CD/OS/Dex/Vit
Other than that, keep trucking along!

01/30/2013 08:06 PMPosted by ROOSTER
@shakyspeare I'm no good with number rankings...but love that you're rocking the crystal fist! Like your monk.

Yeah, its not the best weapon i have to say in fact i see only me using it so far in this forum but its looks nice and unique lol, i will slowly build on the other eq first.


nice build with that pair of shenlong. 8/10


im not a fan of skorn but ur other eq makes ur build very well balance. 8.5/10

There is nothing inherently wrong with you monk. You are unfortunately in that limbo zone where upgrades are gunna start getting expensive. A few suggestions

a.) get some vit on that vile ward. You have so much life bonus its a shame to let it go to waste
b.) I'm not sure if you've tried it, but a nat ring and boots might serve you better. Some people do prefer the ice climbers and random ring though.
c.) speaking of rings, the Wailing host isn't really a good one, and the set bonus is next to useless. Try a Unity there, its a great DPS ring. (unless you're going mini-nats)
d.) I'd look into a better offhand, perhaps one with IAS. If the fear doesn't bother you, than an echoing fury might be a good way to go. otherwise many people like the butcher's sickle or WKL. Although if you'd like to keep your crystal fist for its awesome factor, by all means do it :D

EDIT: Whoops we skipped Jynx

But your monk is very well done. I'd say some lacunis would be good, or strong arm bracers. Depending on if you want more damage and spirit generation or more vit. I guess after that try to get a better main hand, as that seems to be the best way to increase your damage without sacraficing too much survivability. Shoot for a 950DPS weap, and as always, you can improve your gear simply by getting gear with the same stats but with higer rolls. For instance, that ring? c'mon, you can do better than that.
November, some interesting gear choices as far as your resistances and life regen are concerned. I'm not sure you want to hear this since you've obviously decided that you want to have a high resistance Monk, but I do think Time of Need is overkill. Also upgrade those amethysts and get more block on your shield.

Finally, unless you are a VERY patient person, you do need to up that dps.

@!@#$%^-*!@er <--lol @ the censored name

Your rings are nice. Your resistances and armor are nice.
You need more vit.... but you're using a shield so that probably makes up for something.
Some dex in the weapon would be nice. Overall nice monk.

Rated 8.5/10

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