Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Nice crit hit chance/dmg you could use a little more attack speed to go with them but overall pretty nice gear. Witching hour instead of blackthornes set, and maybe a 3 pc inna's set would not be too bad


Nice eHP hellfire ring with your chosen resistance no less but the lack of cc is limiting your setup.

I think you're at a cross roads you have good mitigation and decent sustain but your are trying to up your DPS and items are starting to get expensive. The item which stands out most for upgrading is your amulet. Shoot for one with LOH and better cc while keeping keeping similar stats.

Another suggestion to make better use of your slots is to perhaps pick up a Tals Armor with Dex and high Vit roll since Inna's 3 peace bonus is a let down. This will up your IAS and health pool.

@ captaincarl
u have really one of the best monks there

Nice crit hit chance/dmg you could use a little more attack speed to go with them but overall pretty nice gear. Witching hour instead of blackthornes set, and maybe a 3 pc inna's set would not be too bad

Like this. I got a Inna chest, 172dex/214vit/10%life. I gain 10kdps with Tals but lose about 6k life.


Awsome monk! NICE 57k life! bump that crit dmg % and chance and we can partay.

Rated 8/10
Nice set up! Im jealous haha, Keep trucking along! I would say aim for trifecta gear at this point. I dont know how much of an upgrade it will be but give it a shot!
Nice setup i would focus more on resistance for higher mp lvls and trifecta gear to get higher dps.

Nice setup with very good resistance. But it may be overkill. I see you trying to get as much resistance on gear which lead to most pieces have low dex roll.

And lifesteal is needed at your 120k+ dps level.
yeah but i have 100 life per spirit spent and 1k loh my unbuff resist sits at 628 which is ideal for higher mp levels and i honestly build this monk for dps (pvp) and mp10 ubers. i just cant get my dps over 250k with survivability so im kinda stuck lol.

I saw u are stacking dual resists & life per spirit spend. Is still such an underpowered source of life that, if i were u, i wouldnt go for it. Anyway is a ver good monk "base" to keep on working for better pices. First thing i would do is change that shenglong set for something a bit better stacking some LS on it (even 1 weap with LS + 1 with LoH will be good enough for the new patch, don't even need to overpay for 2 high LS weaps ;D)
@ boro

thank you for the advice i looked at your monk/gear and see how to get past the 250k bump. Very nice monk you have there i like the weapon choice and mempo will start to flip for upgrade on those peices.


I keep noticing monks using 7 sided strike. I am really turned off by the skill because of the extensive cool down even with the rune that gives in 24 seconds.... why do you all use it? I've used it before and I find that when I use it most of my skills are on cool down so I have all this spirit to spend and nothing no skills available to use it. I prefer cyclone strike because I can spam it, it gets enemies into the range of my sweeping wind, it also interrupts them to prevent any unwanted windup attacks. Playing with groups with WDs and wizards is really awesome because I can concentrate enemies in one area and let their AOE skills decimate them. I enjoy it alot.


You have a very nice bracer.
Just a bit confused about your choice of chest amor, only 1 piece of the set.
Overall 8/10

i like your gear choices
although i would recommend higher armor and a bit more resists for higher mp levels. Natalya components would raise your damage exponentially.

please rate me.

BigBadWolf, I'll rate you a solid 7/10. I think it's time you upgrade your gems, but pretty good toon overall!
@Aetherhole, you have a crit Mempo with all the trimmings :) 9/10

Looking good on paper and i bet your gear looks pretty damn sexy in game. the ninja look??!

ever tried that monster on pvp?

8/10 well balance maybe add some more Cc
BigBad, nah I haven't tried him in PVP yet... but yeah, my monk is definitely the best looking of all my characters! I'm very proud of how he looks (and also how he performs, thus far!)

@Shakyspeare, 7.5/10. Solid looking monk, pretty well-rounded! I think it's only a matter of finding ways to add more DPS, without sacrificing your current EHP.

9.5/10 --> WKL + EF is dream weapon combo. When I can finally afford one with socket and life steal, that will be my end game setup. All your gears are nice!

-0.5 points because you don't have 50k life to go with the 200k dps :)
oh I was skipped :(

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