Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Looks like you could use some extra crit chance... 36% is kind of low. You have a lot of sustain and probably enough HP for now. Just work on that crit chance! raise it 10-15% and you will notice a big difference.

6/10 for now.

You have great sustain with all the Loh and Lifesteal. My recommendation would be to piece together about 150-200 more all res and you can get rid of OWE which will free you up for some more variation


I think I've rated you before a good while ago.

9/10 super build all around and really nowhere to go without shelling out 1 bill + for a truly BiS piece of gear
Looks like a solid build, you could look for some of you items with higher dex/vit affix on bracers, pants, etc and maybe an Innas chest... although I do like the non cookiecutter build.
GL out there!
@ Carotid

Very well balanced monk. Good focus on having a good crit chance/crit dmg ratio. Very nice dex and great survivabillity. I would personally give it a 9.5/10 because this build could use some life on hit to dominate with more ease in the upcoming PVP patch :D
@ Arcaneursa

Work on your Crit Chance and Crit Damage as well as upping your LPS. You seem to be a relatively new 60 Monk so you still have a ways to go. I'm guessing you're still trying to figure out which direction you want to go with in terms of stack-able attributes. 5/10 only because you're still developing.

You may have gone a little over board in trying to get high ChC. Your iAS and ChD are pretty much non existent. Your health pool is low so your eHP is low because of that.

Very nice monk! I like how you have geared not to use OwE - which is something I'm still trying to fully clear myself out of. Good amount of DPS and migitation balance. 9/10

Ever consider using the combo strike build? FoT:TC and DR:Foresight.
Swap your NDE out perhaps?
rating monks kool
@weegee u need some more hp.. U can get higher stat bracers.. Also a better WH.. Also more ls.. Overall nice monk..

A very nice build with balances. one thing to upgrade maybe will be the bracer since all resist is cold maybe can changethe lightning res away. =w=

Very nice gear you have there, I'll say 9/10. I guess with the quality of gear you have I would have expected the listed dps to be higher. Would added critical chance or critical damage be required to achieve that? Or perhaps a higher damage off hand?

I've been slowly upgrading my gear as I can and with what I have now, I thought my listed dps would have been higher. Would I require those things as well (crit change / damage, more attack speed)?
@ Limitless, welcome to the monk path. A good amulet could be responsible for up to 15% of your dps. Try to move all the defensive stats to your chest, shoulder, belt. That way you could free up some slot for crit chance and crit dmg. I don't recommend spreading your defensive stats onto your pants, because Inna's pants are very popular in this place, and they only roll with 1 random affix, hard to choose. Also if you want dual resists on a piece of gear, the total amount for me has to add up more than 105. A 32 all resist + 40 second resist can be combined into 1 affix, dont waste 2 slots.

6/10 you're getting there.
I could see some atk spd on the gloves as an upgrade, maybe a few more billion and a better weapon could be yours as well....
Nice monkey- 9.5/10

Thanks for the feedback. I still haven't updated my pants or shoulders, so I'll take your recommendations and try to get some nice pieces. I'll also look to change out the amulet.
I could see some atk spd on the gloves as an upgrade, maybe a few more billion and a better weapon could be yours as well....
Nice monkey- 9.5/10

Skorn = atk spd, get some on an ammy even if you have to downgrade some other stats.
Vile ward could use some more vit on them as well without costing the earth.


maybe get lacunis? I have no idea where to go from where you are at
Anyone else?

Wicked sustain you got going on there but it looks like you may have painted yourself into a expensive DPS choke point. Definitely room to grow in the gloves and the Inna's Helm.

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