Diablo 3 Retail Not Responding crash

Technical Support
I've had this crash twice today. Tried these two fixes after the first crash this morning and it didn't seem to resolve whatever is causing the crash:



Can someone in tech support please help me out with this, I'd like to find out what's causing it.
bump, still getting this, anyone from tech support?
what does it take to get a blue response around here? I started this thread 11 days ago...
I'm getting the same, game wont get past launcher! Come on Blizzard, where's this 'Technical Support'??
I am also having this problem. It works on my laptop but not my gaming computer. It has only worked 1 day this last week.
Did you manage to solve the problem? Same thing is happening to me. Tried several times over the past week to log in. When I hit play, the game tries to load but doesn't get any further than the black screen. I click the mouse button and error message "Diablo III Retail Not Responding" pops up.
i'm getting the same problem, my game freezes after signing in
Uninstalled and re-installed. Works fine now.

Could you start a new thread of your own? In it, provide as complete a description of what the issue along with any error messages you may be getting. List any steps you've tried so far to resolve it as well.

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And now it's not working again...
same problem any suggestions?
i think uninstall the whole game and re-instal it can solve the problem

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