Microsoft Surface Pro: Can it Run D3?

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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but I've had the Microsoft Surface Pro on my radar for awhile and I'm curious if anyone knows if it will be able to run D3. I'm guessing it could (although frame-rate might be iffy) but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure
D3 is quite power and graphics intensive. Folks with high end systems sometimes have issues playing it. A tablet, no matter how good, may have some issues with power and cooling. I would compare the PC specs against the required specs for the game.

PC specs
Intel Processor specs:
D3 Requirements:
D3 Supported Graphics:

The Intel HD 4000 they use in that tablet is on the low end of what is supported so you are right that graphics are likely to be poor...especially in areas with water or lots of spell effects.

Intel seems to think the 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor can handle games but I am not sure if they mean Angry Birds or if they mean something like D3.

Given that D3 is free to download and has a starter edition, maybe you can get a sales person to give you a demo of the game performance prior to purchase.
I have a Lenovo laptop with the same specs and get 30 fps with settings on low.
Interesting.... My concern, besides the graphics, is that with the slim profile of the tablet that it will not have the power and cooling to handle D3. A lot of the issues we see posted here with crashes are related to power problems and overheating, on what are otherwise good systems. Something to think about anyway.

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