Over barbs

I can't have a viable 2h barb, and my dual weld barb is awful even though I have decent res gear and whatnot. People say my builds are wrong, then when I try someone elses build I die instantly because it doesnt match the way I play. SO I'm over barb. Started a Wiz, much more fun already. Selling ALL of my gear as one big complete set, please give me offers.
FYI - No one wants your set (I am not being mean) but my follower has almost as much dps as you do. The reason your experience was not enjoyable is because you lack even the basics of gear itemization.

You could have a respectable barb with 2 million gold if you were willing to farm.

But on another note, Have fun with your wiz!! :)
What's your play style? Maybe if you describe it to us, someone can post a build that will fit that.
You need better gear for your barb, maybe you should check out the barb topics and get some help on how to gear for your play style.

FYI: your wiz will be no easier to gear than your barb, you gotta spend some time and do your home work when gearing different classes, pick a play style and go for it.
It's really hard to tell what type of play style you were going for, your skills seem all over the place and they don't help/balance each other. Also, you're using bad passives (except for nerves of steel).

Your barb has whirlwind on it, so i'm guessing you were trying to go for a whirlwind type of play style? If that's so, then I can see why you have not enjoyed playing as a Barb.

If you want help with your barb, there are a lot of people here on the forums that are willing to help you by offering you advice and suggestions on gearing your barb so you can have fun with it.
Hrm.. Alright. Well I suppose for the sake of not being a quitter what would be a decent WW build or even a fury build.. I just like fast.

I feel like im being lazy for not farming 5-6 million to go on the AH and buy my items XD which in turn makes me go "wait... wtf thats retarded!!". But that's how it is.
Well if you want, you can take a look at my barbarian and look at my skills and passives, I run a Dual Wield WW build and it works really well for farming and Paragon leveling.

For a WW spec to work, you need to have as much crit chance as you can, which will work with the "Run like the wind" skill because having that skill, and crit chance, will allow you to keep your fury up pretty much all the time. So you won't even have to stop using whirlwind in the middle of your fights.

If you have some gold on you (2m or less) you can easily buy a really good starter set that will allow you to farm mp0-mp5 if done correctly. It might even be cheaper than that by now actually, i've seen some good items up for 50k-200k each on the AH, so it's pretty cheap to start.
You can also add me if you like. I may have some free gear for you. Im on and off all the time usually 6-8 hours a day between forum AH and playing
01/10/2013 11:52 AMPosted by Blackmetal
Hrm.. Alright. Well I suppose for the sake of not being a quitter what would be a decent WW build or even a fury build.. I just like fast.


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Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Garthandal. Showed me the ropes and helped me out quite a bit, I'm now happily slaying the armies of hell in MP3

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