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Witch Doctor
Hey everyone, there seems to be many people out there who are much more educated about this game, WD's specifically, than me, and I was hoping someone could please give me some advice on how I can beef up my WD? I can't seem to get over the 100K DPS threshold, and in my simple mind I have decent gear.

Any constructive advice is much appreciated, thanks.
There a few upgrades you could get for cheap to upgrade your DPS by quite a bit. A new ToTD with higher average damage is a good bet. Also you could probably get more DPS with a higher crit chance set of gloves. You could always upgrade your gems in your Zuni Marrow. Just a few thoughts.
You're almost there in regards to 100k DPS... A few suggestions/options for you, but won't come cheap on AH/RMAH if you don't trade or find these items:

  • Socket manajuma over non-socket
  • Lacuni wrists
  • Tal Rasha allegiance amulet w/CC,CD,high INT
  • Uhkapian Serpent (with CC10%, w/spirit barage, or corpse spiders increase damage
  • Zuni pox with CD and CC
  • Zuni vision w/CC or a Visage of Giyua w/CC, CC for Acid Rain
  • Rare hands with higher % CC,CD

Bottom line. The item list is a dream list for a WD, but one easy fix that doesn't cost millions of gold for the above changes is to upgrade your gems for the INT/VIT boost.
@PICKURFACEUP Good ideas, thanks for the insight, I didn't realize damage on ToTD could be a lot higher.
@emeraldsword that list would be too much $$$ for me right now, dream list is right! However, I can take them into consideration as I make money, so thanks for the suggestions. Also a gem upgrade is quick and easy, thanks.
no doubt do gems first, for about 1.2-1.3 mil you can put stars in all (small upgrade)
as others stated helm needs cc, get a zunni or visage with cc
remember int is a multiplier, as your damage goes up each point of int increases in value
You should get socketed items for more int or vitaliy, crit HD and %life.
I can use some advice for me, too.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

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